positive livingWelcome to the United States of I Can’t. A country built on the majority of the population continuing to imagine the words every day, ‘I can’t.’

I can’t do this.

I can’t go out and meet women today.

I can’t make money.

Or their cousin, the European States of ‘I tried.’

The problem is the world is full of I can’t do this and I tried to do this.  The, I can’t people really I love the most. Let me tell you something; You can’t do anything that you don’t believe in. I’m going to share a story with all of you. Five years ago I got a massage from this crazy woman. I don’t want to say her name in case she reads this. She pressed too much on certain things — kind of worked on my back too much.

The next morning I woke up and I sneezed. I couldn’t walk. And I said, “I can’t walk.”

I wasn’t able to walk. Apparently when I went and got an MRI, I blew a 13mm fragment out of my back. It didn’t feel very good. For the next four months, I basically went through thousands of doctors and dollars. I went to this place called Egoskue.

I looked at them and I said I’m not living my life like this at all.  Fix me. They gave me a series of exercises. The majority of people who do these exercises quit after three days. They were boring. They were tedious. And they took an hour a day.

Most people say they don’t or can’t have enough time in their day to do things. I spent an hour a day doing these exercises. My back only spasmed out once over the last four years and that was for a 24 hour period. And that was it.  I was never very flexible. I was terrible at stretching. But for the last four years I’d stretch every day for 45 minutes to an hour.  Now, I literally can go do almost everything I could’ve done before and I’m a lot stronger.

Did it take time? Absolutely.

Did it take patience? Absolutely.

The Key To Success

So now the big question is, all of you who live in the United States of I can’t and the European Union of I Tried, why?

You’re continually sending all your excuses every day for your life sucks. Yeah, I know you want to go out there and meet women. But if you don’t do it every single day, how are you ever going to get better. Why do you deserve the short cut in life when nobody else gets it. I’m kind of sick and tired of people who tell me that they can’t do something because everything I’ve ever set my mind to in my life, I’ve been able to do. Everything. I’m a self-made man. No one gave me money.

Anything that I want, I put my mind to it and I get it.  I literally can manifest everything in my life. Why. Because I have the mind set to do it. So if you’re one of those I can’t or I tried people, and you know exactly who you are, then I strongly suggest you take a deep look at yourself and look at the excuses you give yourself every day.

They’re just bullshit. Every excuse you ever give yourself is bullshit. It’s all based in fear and that’s about it. You’ve embraced the fear-based life because you decided you can’t do things. You don’t want to try because you’re too afraid of failing. The first few months of doing my stretches, was extremely painful.  It hurt.  I wasn’t getting anywhere.  I had no mobility.

Everything in life takes time. I am so tired of the United States I can’t and the European Union of I tried.