the truth about lifeWhat I’m about to write might be a little hard for you to read. I call it, “The Power Of Telling You To Fuck Off.”

Yeah, I know I used a curse word. For those who can’t handle the odd F-Bomb then I strongly suggest you don’t read this, even though it may change your life.

Every single day, I read about 500 emails. All I see are excuses and negativity. But what really bothers me is that some people just don’t respect my time. Some people write me a novel and then expect me to write them a novel in reply. If you want me to write you a novel, there’s something called email coaching. I have no problem reading your novel, and sending you one back if you pay for my time, because my time is valuable and the answer I give you could change your life.

One thing I’ve learned during my nearly 20 years of being in this business is that I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I feel it’s my job to tell you the truth. The thing is, like Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men,” I find most people can’t handle the truth. I’m constantly calling people out on their shit all day long. I’m constantly telling people to fuck off when they need it. It’s amazing how many people can’t handle the truth. If you’re going to work with me, or become a client, you’d better expect the truth and sometimes the truth might sting.

I’m not Mr. Sugarcoat. In fact, I don’t even know how to sugarcoat things because I’ve never done it myself, or experienced it. Others have been sugarcoated to death and that’s why they’re so sensitive to the truth. Their friends sugarcoat their flaws. Their friends sugarcoat relationships that don’t work. Their friends will sugarcoat all the things they do wrong in their life. The bottom line is I don’t want to sugarcoat anything because life is too short. I’m all about expressing the truth. I’m all about expressing my truth and your truth.

So if you come to me for any help or guidance, expect me to give you the raw truth. Expect me to tell you something you may not want to hear. But let me tell you something, when I do tell you, be aware I’m telling you exactly what you need to hear. If I’m telling you to clean up your shit, you might get angry at first, but in time, you’ll respect it.

Here’s Why You Need To Hear The Truth About Your Life!

Look at me as the man who’s going to tell you exactly what I think for your own good. I do it so you can grow as a person. I do it so you can stop the madness going on in your life. In fact, I told my editor the other day he sugarcoats my writing too much. I write these really passionate posts, and he, who’s reading this right now as he’s editing it will get rid of 100 words or so. Then when I read it back, the message loses some of it’s impact.

He’ll tell me he needed to tone it down, but in reality sometimes, he edits me too much and loses some of the meaning behind it. I learned a lesson a long time ago when I decided to be in the public eye. Howard Stern was talking to Barbara Walters.  And Barbra who likes to make everyone feel really good says, “Howard, how do you deal with all the haters?”

Howard said. “I don’t care about them. If everyone loved me I wouldn’t be doing my job. My job is to create an emotion in people and get them to feel something. Doesn’t matter whether it’s love, hate, or anger they feel. We live in a world where there aren’t enough people creating feelings in people.”

I agree with that. I think we live in a world without passion. Too many people live their lives every day like zombies. They just accept whatever’s handed to them and they never push themselves to go any further. When they are pushed to go further they usual wimp out or make an excuse.  The other day someone made an excuse about why our program wasn’t working. They said something about how I am an extrovert, and he was an introvert and that’s why he could never be like me. The guy already quit before he tried, and that’s what a lot of people do in life. They quit before they try. So if you ever email me, expect me to tell you the truth. It may come across as harsh, but it’s going to be the truth.

It’s going to be the truth based on what I see in you as a man or a woman. It’s going to be the truth to help you become a better person. My job isn’t to make you feel fantastic all the time. My job is to make you feel great some of the time, and call you out on your BS if I need to.  It’s important to have someone in your life that calls you out on your BS. I like it when people do it to me. In fact, I respect someone even more when they don’t kiss my ass and tell me about something I need to work on. You see, in my field of personal development, I’m not just helping you, but also myself to become a better person and a better man.

I’m always calling myself out on things too. Life is an amazing journey and sometimes, hearing things you don’t like are exactly the things you need to hear. You should be thankful someone had enough guts to tell you the truth.

I’ve said it before in blogs, just like the kid in the movie “The 6th Sense” sees dead people, I see bullshit in people non-stop. It’s my job to call you out, and to teach you a lesson. Then I make sure the path you’re on right now is aligned with the path you want to be on. I want to see you succeed. So don’t take it personally, if I beat you up a bit sometimes. It’s for your own good!