Last night we saw Coldplay at the Home Depot Center in Carson. Never again will I see anything at the Home Depot Center in Carson.

There is not a good seat in the house, and it’s the most poorly run place I’ve ever seen. It took an hour to get the car out of the parking lot. An hour! I pulled out of the parking space and could see the exit, but we just couldn’t get to it. They just had no clue how to move traffic.

The show itself was great! There was the Internet rumor that they were doing a fifteen minute cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” at all of their shows. You’ve got to love the Internet. The song “Billy Jean” is three minutes long . . . and so was the cover version that Coldplay did last night.

I love how rumors start. So let’s start our own rumor today. I don’t know what I want to start, but there’s got to be something we can start. Give me some time, I’ll come up with something during the day (and maybe I’ll post it in the comments).

Otherwise, let’s get into today’s truth . . .

In a recent blog, I discussed how women can know if a man is attracted to them on a date. Now let’s talk about how a woman can keep that attraction going.

Men love to be teased. If a man touches your arm during the course of a date, touch him a few times back. That will drive him crazy. When you go to the bathroom, get up and on the way to the bathroom touch his shoulder and whisper “I’ll be right back” in his ear. That will really drive him crazy!

When he’s talking and leaning into you, lean into him so he can feel your closeness. When he goes to kiss you on the cheek, give him a quick kiss on the lips, a quick smile, and then walk away. As you’re walking away, turn around and give him another smile.

Also, compliment a man during a date. Tell him you’re having a good time. Laugh at his silly jokes. This will keep him intrigued.

These are some simple techniques that you can use to flirt and let a man know that you’re interested