I was at the gym the other day and the towel guy, who I’ve spoken to many times before, he’s got a family, he works a good job, he’s a nice man. But I bet you, so many people don’t even know how nice of a man he is. Because as I look around the locker room, people who just throw towels on the floor, so the peon towel guy will pick up after them.

The disrespect people have for other humans shows up on a daily basis.

Well, how much do you really respect the maid? Or do you trash the room so she has to clean up everything in there?

How well do you treat waiters and waitresses? How well do you treat the person at the car wash?

Are you kind? Are you nice? Are you empathetic to the fact that they have to work a shitty fucking job, because that’s the only job that they can get, at the present time in their life?

How empathetic are you to them? Do you say hello to these people? Or do you think you’re better than them? So many people think they’re better than what they deem or what they call the little people in the world.

I’m kind to everybody I meet and I treat everybody as my equal.

Why? Because they are. It doesn’t matter if it’s the person who’s sweeping the hallway in the office building I go have a meeting in, or the person that’s serving me a cup of coffee, or the bus boy that’s picked up my dishes after a nice meal in a restaurant. Those are the jobs that were available to them and I honor the work that they’re doing.

I honor that they’re putting in a hard day’s work for shitty wages because that’s where their life is at and that is what is available to them at the present moment. I have empathy and I have compassion and I make sure that I greet them and thank them for what they do. How many of you, when you’re sitting in a restaurant and the bus boy comes and picks up your dishes, actually say thank you? Be honest.

How many times are you in a hotel, you see the hotel maid, and you thank her for cleaning your room?

How many when you’re at the gym do you drop a towel to the ground and don’t pick it up?

Be honest. Having empathy and compassion and treating people as your equal goes a long way in creating attraction, as well, in your life.

A lot of women that I know will look at a man on a date and see how the man treats the waiter or the waitress to know how that man treats people. The same is true for women on dates.

Every single person in this world is equal. You’re in an elevator, you say hello to the child. You say hello to people, or do you think that you are above people?

Treat people with dignity and respect, because one day, you, on your high horse, may lose your job and may have to go work something that you think is beneath you. And guess what happens? You’ll be treated exactly the way you treated other people.

There’s a great book about a woman who spent a year of her life — I don’t remember the title of it — as a waitress, to see how people treated her differently than how she was treated before. It’s a great read, so if any of you know the name of that book, put it down below. I forgot what it was. I forgot what it was about. I forgot what the name and the title was and the author, but it’s a phenomenal read.

Anyway, compassion, empathy for other people is a good thing to live by.