Let’s face it. We all have fatal flaws.

Some of us have numerous fatal flaws.

I’m not talking about your butt being too big, I’m not talking about the size of your legs.

I’m not talking about the hook in your nose.

Or the pimples that you may wake up with in the morning due to stress.

I am talking about a fatal flaw.

Something that just plagues you over and over again.

Well, while we’re getting raw and open and we are thinking about fatal flaws, I’ll tell you mine.

I suck at hiring people.

That’s always been my fatal flaw.

I’ve had many people who have done marketing for me and many of them have been average.

I’ve met some people who could be great, but the timing was all wrong.

My fatal flaw is I probably see the good in people and I hang on to them far longer than I really should.

That’s my big fatal flaw.

I’m not the best at hiring.

I’ve hired real estate agents.


I see the good in somebody, instead of seeing the person who they really truly are.

That’s a fatal flaw of mine.

My fatal flaw is always hiring the wrong person

I end up wasting time with the wrong person.

Is it a character flaw of mine? No, as my friend, Eddie, always says, I just see the good in everybody, so I want to believe them.

But this is something that my instincts are aligned with what I was taught in seeing the good in people.

My instincts will tell me something totally different, but then all of the sudden, I don’t trust my instincts.

Because I want to believe what someone has to say.

Because I believe in the good in everybody.

So, in turn, I get stuck in this perpetual circle.

Where all of the sudden, I have hired somebody, or I am in a relationship with somebody, I see the good in them, and then all of the sudden I start to see who they truly are. And then me being the coach that I am, I figure that, well, I can teach them. I can teach them how to be the better marketer or realtor or attorney.

I could teach them how to be a better person.

I could teach them how to play a part while I negotiate.

Because these are all skills that I have and teach people. I teach people how to be socially aware, socially conscious. I teach people how negotiate deals. So, I truly believe I am a superman. I hire people with fatal flaws, which is my fatal flaw, and then I truly believe, on my dime, I can turn them into a better person. I can show them the way.

And that’s when the coach needs to shut the hell up.

See, my superhero power is fixing people’s fatal flaws.

If you think about it…

That’s what I do consistently all day long. People call me up, and I mold their mind to make it the strongest mind that they can have.

I mold their mind set.

I teach them how to negotiate, communicate and talk.

I teach them how to be a better social person.

Great, I get paid to do that.

But for some reason or another, I have had many people in my life time that I have hired, and have paid a lot of money to, which my friend Eddie always tells me, oh time and I have hired the wrong people.

And what happens is, on my dime, I am teaching them how to be better.

That’s my fatal flaw. I have done it in relationships, done it in business and I no longer want to do it. Because if I added it up how much the fatal flaw has cost me, easily, seven figures of money. For my fatal flaw.

Should I beat myself up?

No, it’s actually a good trait. Seeing the good in people.

But from now on, I’m no longer going to coach people on my dime.

I am going to hire the people that are more aligned with what I want and what I need and what I desire. So, there’s my fatal flaw. That’s me getting raw and real today.

What’s yours?

And if nobody comments, then I will know that you are all just basically perfect individuals. Which we all know is a complete fatal flaw in itself.