Today I was driving around running errands.

One of my errands that I had to run was to go by Marina Auto body.

By the way, if you need a great auto body shop in West Ard, they are by far the best.

Over the last seven years, living in Los Angeles takes its toll on a car.

People who run into whole foods parking lot.

People who scrape your car in the CVS parking lot.

There are many things that can happen to an automobile in Los Angeles, but unfortunately the people of Los Angeles never leave a note on their windshield. They just drive away.

I picked up my car my car last week.

Picked it up on Thursday.

It was in for a scratch from the CVS parking lot.

It’s great auto body always does a great job, great follow-up, great everything.

I had to go in there today because I noticed when I got home on Thursday night, there’s a scratch on the bumper.

I had to take the bumper off in order to do the repair, so probably by accident, something scratched the bumper .

I went in there, we looked at it, he told me to bring it back in, he’d paint it, easy as that.

What I loved is: he made a mistake, which is only being human. Does that tarnish his hours of business? Absolutely not, their work is impeccable. You could not figure out what panel of my car was painted.

The customer service is second to none.

The reps that I dealt with there, have made each experience fantastic.

We make mistakes in life.

Everyday we make a mistake. There’s nothing foolproof. The guy who took the bumper off must have leaned it against something and must have scratched it against something. No big deal, but they owned it. They owned the mistake and that, to me, is such a beautiful thing. It was one of those feel-good moments that I need today.

I was having a funky day.

I’m going through some personal stuff right now that is just grading on me and causing a lot of stretch and anxiety in my life.


So I want to thank the universe for allowing me to have faith in human kind again when I certainly needed it, which really takes us to the much deeper lesson: the lesson of connection.

You see, when you’re out and about and you literally go and connect with people on a daily basis, you’re going to get these types of moments happening to you. You can be down in the dumps, lose all faith in mankind and all of the sudden you can run into a Marina Auto body and gain it all back. There are good people in this world, allow them to show them to you.

That’s all, that’s all I wanted to share today.