I was talking to a friend of mine today and I asked her a question that’s been on my mind.

“Am I arrogant?”

She looked at me, smiled, and said, “Sometimes, depending on your mood.”

Depending on my mood. 

I thought deeper about that.

I know that I can be pretty arrogant.

I’m confident, I know who I am, and I know what I’m willing to put up with, and I know what I’m not willing to put up with.

I’ve got a low threshold for stupidity.

I say what’s on my mind.

I know that comes across as arrogant, even rude at times.  But really, I just speak the truth—sure, it’s my truth, but I’m not really trying to impress anybody.

Does that make me arrogant? Or does that just make me confident?

It doesn’t really make a difference as long as I know that I speak my truth every single day.  Granted some people do things that annoy me and I make comments some times.  I’ll do it with a smile. I’ll be playful.

But I always speak my truth.

Why in the world do people always have to put a label on things?

“He speaks truth.”

“He’s arrogant.”

“He’s confident.”

Who cares?

Life is all about just doing what you want.  It really is.  Eating what you want, drinking what you want, being what you want.

I remember going to a party a couple years back.  Everybody there was drinking.  Personally, I don’t like to sit around and listen to drunk talk all night long.  I find drunk talk loud, obnoxious and annoying.  So after about two hours, I looked at everybody and said, ”I’m done.”

They all asked me why and said that they were just getting started.

I said, “Maybe you’re just getting started.  But I don’t really want to sit around here and listen to drunks all night long.  I love you all.  You can all drink and have a good time, but I’m not really into drunk talk.”

Later that night, a friend texted me and said that she admired what I did.  She only stayed at the party because she felt like she had to. And after I left, everybody was talking about how they appreciated my honesty.

We texted back and forth a little bit and we had a lunch a couple weeks later.

She looked at me and said, “I want to be more like you.  I don’t want to go with the flow anymore. I don’t want to just do what everybody is doing. How do I begin?”

I can tell she was anxious. She had stopped eating and leaned in for my magical answer. So I told her the secret.

“Just do it.”

That’s what life’s about.  Just fucking doing it.

Nike had it right a long time ago.