How do you know if a woman is interested in you?

Well, there’s a certain text she sends that tells you whether she wants you as a friend or a lover. Check out today’s video to find out.

Love text.

It’s definitely a skill that so many people are not good at, men, women, children, whoever. I’ve seen people who are terrible. Here’s a secret guys, I’d like to share with you right now.

I’ve gotten many texts from women that are absolutely terrible, so you’re not the only one bad at texting, and a lot of times that can be frustrating.

So what is this secret? What is that text secret that creates attraction? Well, today’s video is going to go through that, and it is a secret I’m going to share.

A lot of times you wonder if a girl likes you, if she’s interested in you. You get so into your head before you even send a text.secret-text

Wow, today’s video is going to alleviate that pain. It’s going to help you understand that texting is really not as difficult as you make it. And once you know the secret, and you’re able to use this secret, you’re going to be able to create attraction.

Let me share a story about Bill, one of my students. He would painfully think about what to text a woman, non-stop.

And whenever he did text a woman he liked, after all the energy around it, the waiting three or four days to finally send a text, she never texted back. So I told him, Bill, the next time you get a number from a girl, text her right away. Just say great meeting you today, and watch what happens. He said that simple? I said that simple.

He did it, and all of a sudden the girl texted right back. He looks at me and says “what do I do now?” I said “what did she text you back?” She said I really enjoyed it too.

I said “well, text her back and say let’s meet up, have a coffee sometime this week.”

She texted right back and said “great, I’m open on Friday.”

You see when you meet somebody, and they enjoy your conversation, and you relate to them, and you connect with them on a deep level, you’ve already made the initial connection. All she wants to do now is have a few texts back and forth. To do what?

Get together with you again, because she’s riding the high of meeting you, and that’s what it’s all about. When you ride the high of meeting somebody, you’ve got an opportunity to move that forward, which brings us back to the video.

The number one text secret that creates attraction. Check it out today. You’ll understand what it is, and you’ll be far better at texting.