esquire-alphamale-davidwygantImagine a world filled with alpha males.

Every man that ever wanted to be an alpha male could be one.

Imagine being stuck in traffic with a bunch of alpha males all behind the wheel of their car at the same exact time.

But then there’s a beta male in the front of the whole line of traffic.

The light turns green and he doesn’t move. Behind him, there are 100 alpha males, all honking their horn, wanting to kill the beta male who is in front.

Imagine going to a bar at night with 100 alpha males running around competing for women, and no beta males in sight.

Imagine a world full of this one type of man.

No cute, harmless little nerd; no sweet geek that’s really smart yet great in bed; no nice guys anywhere.

Everybody wants to be an alpha male.

Yet the world is not meant to have every male be an alpha male.

Yet every single guy thinks that in order become great with women, he has to become one.

You get marketed that, over and over again.

Alpha male coaches.

Alpha male books.

Hell, there’s probably an alpha male cereal, and I don’t even know about it yet.

Wake up. Not every man can be exactly alike.

And not every woman is attracted to that ball’s out alpha male.

A lot of women like the sweet, tender man.

A lot of women like the geek.

So stop trying to be an alpha male and start becoming the most powerful version of who you already are.

Because that’s all that women are looking for: you being you in the most powerful, confident way possible

If the world were full of alpha males, the world would be a very boring place.