Recently I was in Manhattan when I went up to visit my mom in Stonington, Connecticut.

Stonington is this magical town that was started in early 1600’s. Homes are beautiful.

The gardens are incredible.

It reminded me a lot of the house I grew up in in Hampton Bays with my grandmother.

Then some feelings started crawling back and I started realizing some things.

Soul mates are such a crock of shit.

Hopefully that statement woke you up. Because as I was walking around Stonington, doing my morning power walk, I looked at all the beautiful homes. I listened to the voices inside the homes, and it hit me:

I could be living in one of those houses. The sounds of those children could be mine. The woman laughing as she makes breakfast for the family—that could be my wife.

I saw a man walking around his house, checking out his garden. I looked at him and realized that could have been me.

Soul mates are so ridiculous.

It’s the decisions you make that enable you to have the experiences you have.

In the early 90’s when I owned a bar back in New York City, I could have easily stayed in New York City. I could have easily met some woman.

I probably would have bought some type of Brownstone in New York or something like that.

At that time in my life, in my late 20’s, I could have easily been swayed at any type of life, because my eyes were wide open and I had no idea what life was going to bring.

I could have easily owned a bar or two and then at one point, moved to Manhattan, as most New York City people do, and start searching a couple of hours outward to see what else is there.

I could have stumbled upon Stonington, Connecticut, and the woman I was with at the time—six months pregnant—could have easily told me “this is where we need to settle and bring up our family.”

All that could have happened. So many different things in life can happen. Every single day, something can happen that can change your destiny.

The only problem is most people’s eyes are not open enough. Most people really have stayed in a life coma.

They don’t do anything to change any of their outcomes.

Every day when I walk around, every day when I experience life, my eyes are open, because I never know what feeling or emotion I will be having at that time.

By staying open to everything in life, I never know who I’m going to meet, because I can easily meet somebody who can change my destiny, every second of every single day.

So many things in life could have been different if I just met this person or that person, or stayed here, or did that.

That’s the beauty of life, and the magic of life is no matter how old you are right now, you can always change it just by changing your outlook.

You can have many soul mates. I like to think of them as energetic connections between two people.

There are so many women that I could’ve ended up with and there is so many more women that I will probably end up with. Who knows, one of them maybe that I spend a long time with. Some of them maybe people I spend short times with.

That is what life is about. It is about experiencing, it is about living. It is about being alive every single day to feel and to see all of the beauty that is being presented to you.

I truly believe that wherever you are right now you’re meant to be and all of the people that are around you right now—take a look—are meant to be there.

When I walk through New York City I see people holding their phone, clutching it in their hand, like they’re clutching a child. I see people walking around and looking at their phones and texting.

I went out to dinner in Manhattan and I saw six people sitting a table and four of them were having separate conversations in their own world on the phone.

Your life does not revolve around the phone. In order to find love, in order to find your next adventure, in order to find your next job, your next experience you need to have it is not going through the age the technology. It is going to come through the age of awareness.

The more aware you are the better you’re going to connect with the world.

The world is there for you to take. Love, anything you want to experience is there for you to take. You just need to be more alert, you need to be more alive.

You also need to be open to all experiences.

Love, money, health, all there are being present in the moment, that moment of life that you’re living right now.

When you’re done reading this I want you to go out and do something: I want you to notice everything that is around you.

Wherever you might be, I want you to take inventory of your life right now and take a look at all of the beautiful experiences that are just waiting for you. I want you to become more present in your life starting right now.

You have the power to create any moment you want.

You have the power to create any experience that you want.

You have the power to create the love that you desire.

You’ve just got to wake up and realize life is happening around you right now for a reason.

Enjoy it.