Focus is what life is all about. We need to focus on ourselves and our own energy.

This is something we often go through at the Bootcamps. A lot of guys will say to me, “David, how do you remain so razor sharp? How do you focus? I can’t focus when I go and talk to a woman. My mind is all over the place.”

Guys will also say to me, “You always tell us to go out there and talk to people all day long, but I lose focus. I can only do it for ten minutes before I lose focus.” Here are some of my best tips to address these questions.

If you can only do it for ten minutes, then do the best job you possibly can doing it for those ten minutes. Always give people your best when you’re with them.

Let’s say that your goals are to meet women and to become a better communicator. Then what you should do is focus on one thing at a time each day. Get good at one thing at a time.

Let’s say your goal is to work on your social skills, and you wonder how to keep your energy up all day long. Here is another thing I tell guys all the time.

When I am driving in the car, I relax, listen to some music and have a good time. So then when I go to the market or the coffee house or a party, I’m ready. I’m amped up because I realize that life is a gift.

You never have a second chance to make a first impression, so why not get your energy up when you’re in public? When you’re in private, you can relax — take a cat nap or do some deep-breathing exercises. That way, when you are around people you can be razor sharp and your energy will be fantastic.