Are you an immature social media follower?

You met somebody, you dated them at one point, and then all of sudden they don’t want any part of you anymore.

So, instead of calling them and talking to them, you become an immature social media follower.

You find them on Instagram and you follow them.

You find them on Facebook and you start liking all their posts.

Most of the time because you were involved in a relationship with them you are already a part of their social media fan club, but yet now, you start to do what?

You start to post little jabs underneath their posts.

They’ll post something and maybe they’ll spell something the wrong way.

So you’ll correct them because you want to be able to jab them a little bit instead of calling them and talking things out. You’d rather be passive aggressive and be passive aggressive online.

Aw, social media, it’s ridiculous in so many ways.

Somebody scorned you or doesn’t like you the way that you like them so you take little jabs under their Facebook post. That’s right, you’ll get back at them.

You’ll pay them back for not liking you the same way.

Yeah, that’s the way I’m going to do it. I’m going to taunt them in social media, I’m not going to like their posts, or I’m going to write something underneath to get them angry.

Or maybe I’ll even write something personal to embarrass them.

Immature social media followers.

I see this behavior so much in today’s world. It’s like we haven’t even grown up to be adults.

I’ve seen it in my own posts with people that I’ve gone out with once and decided that it wasn’t going to work out and we went our own separate ways. I’ve had women de-friend me.

Oooh, that’s right, we went out on a date and now all of a sudden it wasn’t going to work out so I’ve lost them as a friend. My life is truly over. What am I going to do without this person as a friend in my life???

I have no idea. I’ve only got 1,548 other friends left on my Facebook, I don’t know what I’m going to do without reading their posts. I don’t know what I’m going to do without them commenting underneath my post.

Social media is hilarious because you’ve got such passive aggressive behavior that is seen behind the scenes of social media.

It’s nuts actually and I see it all the time. Friends of mine tell me all the time about men that they used to date and now all of a sudden the guy is now taking pokes at them on social media. I see it with some women that I’ve rejected or told them that I did not want to be involved with them romantically and they’ll start taking pokes at me on social media.

To the people who like to have this behavior: Get real. Get real, because you know what? This is immature juvenile behavior, to poke at somebody on social media because they rejected you.

The fact of the matter is, they probably didn’t even reject you. They were probably just one of the few honest people out there that really just let you down as easy as possible. Man, immature social media behavior is so funny because we’re adults, but we act like little kids.