power of positive thoughtIt’s amazing on how many great things happen to you when you feel positive. There’s an experiment that I do at every boot camp. I literally build up the guys.  I look at them and tell them how amazing they are. How great looking they are, how spectacular they are, how powerful they are.  I build them up for five solid minutes, making them feel unbeatable.

Then I’ll send them into a store, and heads will turn! They will be shining bright from the inside out. And everyone notices. When you’re positive, everybody wants to be around you. Most people spend their lives being negative. Most people spend their lives not feeling great.  Everybody is attracted to positive people. I always make sure my day has positive, amazing things in it. When I wake up every single morning, my mantra (I’ve written about so many times before) is this:

Another amazing day to accomplish amazing things, another day to unwrap the gift called life. I wonder what surprises life has in store for me today.

Immediately, I wake up and I have a positive mind set. How can you not be positive? You’re alive. You just woke up. You’re living. Life is a gift.  Then as I start my day, I fill it with things I enjoy. Things I want to accomplish, things I want to be, how I want to feel. I set my life up to make sure I’m going to have a great day. I always fill my day with one thing that I want to do, and one thing to work on myself. Whether it’s a workout, stretching, running, whatever it might be.

Have The Mindset Of Successful People

Lately, I’ve been going to this place called the Cryolab. It’s crazy. You stand in a frozen chamber at -180 degrees for two to three minutes, so you can work on all your aches and pains. It makes you feel incredible.  Why do I do this?

I know that filling my life with positive, amazing things is going to allow me to attract great people into my life. That’s how I live my life. That’s how I roll, always smiling.  Always looking at the gift called life. Life is such a beautiful, amazing gift.  Being positive is a more powerful way to live. It’s a choice. I choose positive over negative. Yes, does that mean that everything in my life is perfect? Absolutely not.  Do I have negative moments? Sure I do.  There are moments in life where things are really difficult, or when I feel negative. When I don’t feel positive. I feel weak. I feel down.

But I don’t let those moments linger because I choose to be positive.  There are things in life that bother me, absolutely. I look at them as moments. I tackle them head-on. I don’t allow these moments to linger because I choose to be positive.  Choosing a positive outlook, living a positive life allows you to have a more fulfilled life, a more amazing life, a more powerful life. Go be positive. You’ll be amazed at the power changing your mind set has on your happiness and your accomplishments.