I’ve been flooded by emails from women congratulating me on teaching men how to turn women on sexually. They then ask me how they can become great lovers for men.

Men are all about the chase, so we love when we can sexually chase you. Show me a man who doesn’t love a woman who talks dirty, and I’ll show you a man who spends the entire night looking at Internet porn because he’s too afraid to tell his wife or girlfriend what he wants sexually.

Here are some of the best ways to turn a man on sexually:

1) Make sure to compliment him. Tell him how hot he makes you feel. Tell him how turned on you are by his touch. It’s a psychological ploy. He’ll get turned on to you, and you’ll benefit because he’ll touch you more.

2) Locate his “sweet spot.” No, I’m not talking about cramming a Krispy Kreme doughnut down his throat. Some men love to have their neck kissed. Some men like a sensual all-over body massage. The best way to find that out, though, is to give him a sensual massage and ask him how that feels. Men are really turned on by a woman who wants to please him.

3) Learn how to give a good blow job. Find out how he likes it. When you go down on him, ask him if you’re doing it right. He’ll tell you. Just the idea that you want to please him will turn him on.

4) When you’re on top of him, open your eyes and look directly into his eyes. Let him see how turned on you are by being that close to him. It will drive him crazy.

These are just some tips on how to turn a man on. When in doubt, just moan out loud “Oh baby . . . you’re the best!” Every man wants to believe they‘re the best lover. Keep in mind that the best sex is when you have open communication with you lover and your partner.

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