I was thinking the other day: if I wasn’t dating and I wasn’t meeting women, I probably would never text. Ever.

And I started thinking a little bit. Do men text one another?

I kind of read through all my texts.

Do I want to really have a text conversation with my friend John? Maybe there might be four or five lines, but that’s about it.

My other buddies, we text each other to ask each other questions.

Hey, are you going to be around later?

Or Hey, what do you think of this?

And that’s about it. But I never get into full blown actual conversation with men ever, ever.

I never send men picture texts. I never send men video texts. I never send men pictures of my daughter.

As a matter of fact, I don’t get into text conversations with anybody except for women.

So I started thinking, and I started asking:

Do women text one another and get in a full-blown text conversation?

And the answer is yes.

I started asking all the women I’m friends with, and I said hey, do you have a full-blown text conversation with all your friends? And they all said yeah, all the time.

And what does that mean?

Does that mean women like to text?

Well, obviously yes.

But does that mean women prefer to have deeper conversations or longer conversations to stay in touch with their friends more than men do?

The answer really is no.

You see, I get on the phone all day long, and I talk to my best friends. I pick up the phone and actually have 5, 10, 15 minute conversations with my friends throughout the day.

I’d much rather talk to them than text them any day of the week.

Why? Because it’s more enjoyable.

Ican get on the phone, hear my friends’ voice, ask questions, get into a conversation. We keep each other up, give each other advice.

I find texting fun when I’m dating somebody. I enjoy it when I’m getting to know them, keeping abreast of one another’s day, but I don’t enjoy full-blown, hour and a half, two-hour text conversations. I just feel like it’s a waste of time. That same conversation could have been had in 20 minutes on a phone call.

And I’m finding that if I ever have a texting conversation, it’s only with females.

And yet, females are the ones that complain that men don’t call.


Do I see a little hypocrisy here?

So, I started asking some of my female friends. I said, do you ever call men back? Do you ever call the guy you’re dating? And most of the time, they text them.

Texting is definitely here to stay.

It is definitely a means for conversation. But like I said, to me, it’s just an opportunity to have a conversation with somebody in a moment, and that’s about it.

It’s a means to the end to get to a real conversation. Otherwise, I find it a waste of time. And if I’ve got six or seven different text conversations coming in, it gets confusing. I feel like it’s heavy traffic on the 405.

But maybe I’m old-fashioned. For a while, I was into texting nonstop because it was new.

Now, I kind of prefer to get on the phone. I really enjoy the voice, listening, talking to each other.

Guess I’m just an old-fashioned kind of guy. What can I say?