Your goal on a Sunday (you can do it on a Saturday too) is to take yourself out on a date all day long.

I used to do this when I lived in Manhattan. I would wake up at 10:30, take a shower, and then decide which direction I was going to go that day. I’d go left, I’d go right, or I’d go straight.

My goal was to meet as many new people as I could that day – to build up my social network, so then I would be able to go and meet some great women.

So your goal tomorrow is to meet 20 new people. Take a notebook with you, and after you meet someone new, I want you to write down exactly what you remember about him or her. “I met this woman on the beach, and she got her little booties all wet, blah blah blah.”

Write down something personal that you remember about them, so that the next time you run into them again, you can go back and say, “hey, Wet Boot Girl, how are you?” “Hey Sand Castle Girl, what’s up?”

You have 20 people you have to meet and then write it down. You’re going to do this every single Sunday by yourself. Blow off your friends and take yourself out to places like Whole Foods, the malls, the beach, whatever.

Meet men, women, children – everyone. If you do this four Sundays in a row – wait, it is football season, do it on Saturday! If you do this four Saturdays in a row, you’ve just met 80 new people.

Do you think out of 80 people you might be able to find one woman that you want to go out with?

And during the course of those four Saturdays, you’re going to be running into these same people again, and then you’ll get to meet the people they have with them. It’s like adding fingers to your network.

In LA, maybe we can get together small little groups and just go up to Silver Lake for the day and hang out. We can just go up there and meet people in Silver Lake.

This is how you build your network up, and get exactly what you want to get out of it without the crappy part of actually having to go and pick them up. When you go out and talk to people all day long, your brain is stimulated and you don’t think about the fear.

So if you do this every Saturday, by the end of the month you will have met 80 new people.