Sunday is still by far my favorite day of the week. You know what’s so funny, though, is how many people beginning on Sunday afternoon experience what I call “Monday anxiety.”

The minute Sunday afternoon rolls around, they start thinking about work. They start worrying about the upcoming week. My Mom even used to lay out the clothes she was going to wear on Monday. People do all this, and in essence kill the rest of their Sunday.

What is really sad about this, is that people who have “Monday anxiety” are people who really only have a one day weekend. As far as I’m concerned, I couldn’t care less about Monday until it is Monday.

So today for those of you who suffer from “Monday anxiety,” just relax and enjoy your Sunday! I purposely posted this blog late today, because I know you “Monday anxiety” sufferers are already deep into your suffering and I was hoping that just maybe this might be your connection back to Sunday.

Today’s blog is directed to the women out there, but I know all you guys can relate to this situation as well.

You know, it is difficult for most guys to approach a group of women. Women are just brutal about going out in packs of three or four, and then just huddling together. It’s really intimidating for a lot of guys to approach the group to meet one of the women in the group in whom he’s interested.

There is something I see going on time and time again in these “packs” of women that I really wanted to address. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out and seen a man approach one of these packs of women, and there will be one woman who sits there texting someone who is not even there but giving the absent party the blow by blow of what’s going on around her.

You can imagine the texts now. “Oh Mary, you should really come here. There are so many cute guys here.” I would want to ask our texter this: How would YOU know? You’re not even present!

When you’re out and with a group of people, don’t text another person who is not there. It’s hard enough for guys to approach you in the first place.

You don’t want to be that woman who is just texting away nonstop, because it means that you are not present in the moment. If you’re not present in the moment then you’re going to miss tons of opportunities to meet someone.

So from now on if you’re out with a group and feel compelled to have a text talk, then take yourself to the bathroom and do it when you’re alone. Don’t text people when you’re in a restaurant or bar when you’re out to meet people.

Don’t text people who aren’t there, because as you’re giving attention to someone who isn’t there you are also ignoring people who are there. In particular, you are ignoring any men with whom you could possibly be connecting at that moment.

So start opening up your energy. The truth is that if you are out in one of these “women packs,” you are going to have to if you want men to approach. Four women will be out together in a football-like huddle, and they will wonder why guys aren’t approaching them.

If you want men to approach you in this situation, your energy has to change. You have to smile.  You’ve got to face the room, and not have your back turned to the crowd of people around you. When you do that, you make it virtually impossible to approach you.

When you open your energy, face the crowd and smile, you make it possible for men to break into your pack. So the next time you’re out and one of your friends is texting, grab her phone and tell her to remain open and present. You will all have a much more enjoyable night!