This is the perfect blog for the day before the most overhyped night of the year. I want you to read this before you think about those so called New Years resolutions.

Ever use sentences like this: “Some day I want to go to Italy…” “Some day I’m going to change my job.” “Some day I’m going to move.” “Some day I’m going to _____.”

People who use the term “some day” are people who are never going to do it.

Some day is putting something off into the future. And granted, there might be reasons, monetary reasons and so forth, why people put things off, but most of the things that people phrase with “some day” tend to turn into “no day.”

Now let’s reflect back. If you’ve noticed, it’s something I’ve been wanting you to do a lot of this month. I want you to reflect back on you’re your and I want you to think how often and where in your life that you used that term, “some day”?

And think about that over the last year, and two years, and three years.

How often have you used that term, “some day”, and what “some days” have actually turned into todays?

How many things have you said “some day” to that, in the end, never amounted to anything at all?

I want you to think about that for a bit today.