Set a Goal By David Wygant

Every single day, what you need to do is set a goal. You need to go out there and have at least ten conversations a day.

By having ten conversations a day, you create positive energy around you. I don’t care if you go out and talk to ten men, ten women, ten kids – what happens is that every time you stop and have a conversation, you smile, you look in someone’s eyes and you engage them, you are learning how to be a more confident person the whole time.

Not only that, but other people are looking at you. When other people are looking at you, they want to go and talk to you too – they’re wondering what you are all about. You’re creating intrigue around you, you’re creating a positive vibe around you, and you’re creating something that most people don’t create: interest.

Most guys walk around, and all they do is chase. They walk through the entire day just trying to find the one woman that they’re attracted to that they can talk to.

The problem with that is that when you find her, you haven’t talked to anybody else, so you haven’t had any other conversations, so you walk over all uptight.

Once again, go out there and talk to everybody all day long, and you’ll build your social confidence up all day.

That’s what real confidence is about – being able to carry on a conversation with everyone. The point is that you want to become a good conversationalist. Becoming a good conversationalist means that you can talk to everybody in every situation.

Todays podcast is all about playing the percentages. Life is all about numbers……and until you are willing to fail you will never meet anyone.

This podcast is for men and women.

Enjoy your Sunday!!!