Take the leadWhat happens if you sit in a car without switching on the engine?

What happens if you sit in the driving seat of a car, and don’t put your feet on the pedals or your hands on the steering wheel?


And that’s exactly the same thing that happens when you don’t take control with women. You wonder why you find it so hard to turn your dates into relationships. You wonder why you always end up in the friend-zone. You always ask why other guys do so well with women, and you can’t get a girlfriend. Here’s the reason…

You’re not taking control. You’re not taking the lead. Just the same as a car doesn’t go anywhere if you don’t drive it; your relationships with women aren’t going to go anywhere unless you start taking some control. Don’t wait for women to ask you out. Don’t wait for them to text or call you. Don’t always ask them where they want to go on dates. Don’t ask if you can touch or kiss them. Stop being so passive, and start getting involved. Ask women out!

I was talking to an old client the other day, and he was telling me about two women he’d really liked when he was younger. He got on great with these women. They had great rapport, they’d flirt with him, and they’d even stayed at his house. Here’s the thing…

He always assumed they just wanted to be friends, so he never asked them out, he never tried to kiss them, and he never told them how he felt. Apparently he’d run into both these girls on Facebook a while back and reconnected. Do you know what he they told him?

They were chatting about the old days and how they used to flirt etc, and BOTH women said that had he made a move on them they’d have gone out with him. He could have dated two women he was attracted to, but because he was so passive and waited for them to take the lead, he missed out. How many opportunities have you missed because you’re waiting for life to come to you?

It’s time to take the lead. It’s time to take control. And I don’t mean you have to become an A’#hole with women, because you don’t need to be an idiot to take the lead in a relationship. You just need to be decisive, strong, and in control. In the video below, I talk about the power of taking control on relationships, and look at why your life is never going to change until you stop being a big “Mangina” and start being a man!