I’ve talked about this many times before — the secret to attracting a woman is your mindset. So today, I thought I’d show you guys an exercise — a secret mindset “hack” — that I usually reserve for my private clients.

This technique is broken down into 3 parts:

  1. Something bold – women love men who are bold, men who say and do things that no one else does. When you walk over to a woman and “claim” her for yourself, that’s f*cking BOLD, my friend.
  2. Something daring – something daring is a lot like something bold. You literally play Truth or Dare with yourself. You think to yourself, “I dare you to walk up to that woman and say hi to her.” And then you have to do it. Because as we all know, those are just the rules of Truth or Dare.
  3. Something challenging – now challenging… that’s something that goes back to your actual fears. The second your brain says something negative, like, “She’s out of your league,” you challenge yourself. You say, “You know what? Fuck you, negative brain. She’s not out of my league. Here, I’ll prove it to you.”

Follow this every single day and I guarantee you will drive women crazy. In fact, you won’t believe how turned on they get, and within a few months you’ll look back and wonder how you could have ever lived with so much fear or approach anxiety.

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