There’s one thing about me.

When I make a deal in business that involves money.

Whatever happens in the future, I will stick to that original deal.

Sure, there’s room to re-negotiate the deal as the business starts to grow and make more money.

But whatever deal is struck, you’ve got my word that that’s exactly what the deal is.

I’m not going to pay you $20,000 for a car.

And then all of a sudden, well let’s do it this way.

You’re not going to pay me $20,000 for my car that we agreed upon and then all of a sudden five years later I’m going to come back to you and say, you know, I should have gotten $35,000 for that car. So you owe me 15 more.

All you have is your word.

And some of you, you know who I’m talking to right now, are fucking hypocrites.

You’ve got kids and you’re not somebody who’s worth your word.

You make deals with people and, well, you back track after the deal because you think you might have left some money on the table.

And there you are, sitting around with your kids preaching words, parenting.

If only your children knew what a hypocrite you really are.

You teach your kids ethics and morals.

But yet you yourself don’t have those same ethics and morals.

Little kids are great because they believe anything. They believe their parents are super heroes.

But just wait until your kid gets a brain to become smart and wise and sees through your words and realized you’re not somebody at all that follows their actions.

Too many people I know are basically trying to renege on deals they made because they’re unappreciative people. The usual people who can’t earn their own money or choose not to earn their own money. So what they do is they renege on deals.

You see, they’re in survival mode at all times.

So when they’re in survival mode, they’re constantly trying to make every dime work. Especially if they can get it from other people.

To me, they’re no better than a street hustler.

A con man or a con woman. Somebody who has no respect or no appreciation for other people’s hard work and constantly feels like they’re owed everything.

People like that, I have zero respect for.

It’s amazing seeing people like this and I’ve watched other people fall for these people.

I’ve seen them in new relationships and I think to myself, wouldn’t you ask the man or the woman that was there before you why they left?

Wouldn’t you? Because I know I would.

So in life when you make a deal with somebody, stick with it.

See if you want to call yourself a high integrity person.

Because let me tell you something: you’re not high integrity at all if you renege on a deal you made in the past. Specifically if you think you deserve more money.

The only way people deserve more money in life is to earn more money. They need to earn it and respect the people that earn the money. Because if you’re one of those people who thinks you deserve money and you just try to take others, you got no integrity at all.

And it’s a shame-on-you moment, especially if you have kids. Because they might become like you. Then again, you may not even be able to see yourself. But these kids might become just like you. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? More low vibration and low integrity human being running around.

That’s exactly what the world needs: more people with a sense of entitlement. More people who feel like they can renege on deals. Anyway, hopefully this inspired you a little bit today. Hopefully it inspired you to make some changes to show the world who you think you are instead of being who you truly are.

And I want to add this before I check out: what happened to the deal on a handshake? I know people have had deals written down, and other person will deny it. I know people who have texted and agreed on things and e-mail to agree on things. And they deny it.

The people who think they can constantly take from everybody else, they’re just leeches. That’s all they are. They’re leeches. They don’t want to work. They’d rather leech money out of somebody else than actually get a real job. They’re lazy. And they think they — and they have no integrity at all. And they think that they deserve it. And then they teach those horrific horrible lessons to their children.

These are the things their children are going to learn because kids are going to see through it. Eventually, they’re going to ask and wonder why mom or dad doesn’t really work, yet they live in a nice place. And eventually, they’ll find out that the mother kept crying poverty to every man that she can possibly find, and she literally leeched on to each man and each man paid for her so she can be lazy.

There are men that do this, too. They’ll do this with women, they’ll do this with business partners, they’ll do this with jobs. They just leach on and do the bare minimum until somebody catches on to them. The worst form of human beings, because they have absolutely no integrity or no moral compass at all.

None. Zero. I’ve met people like this. I’ve met some people like this who are parents. And they know the damage they’re going to do fucking up their kids. Because eventually, their kids are going to find out that their mom or their dad was not what they portrayed to be, that their mom or their dad was a leech. Somebody with no moral integrity whatsoever.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because if you know someone like this, you need to call them out. But then again, they’ll deny it because their narcissistic tendencies will always deny that they were like this.

Your job is to basically throw them under the bus. Warn them before their kids throw them under the bus years later, when they lose all their friends, and they’re finally exposed. Or even worse, they lose their looks. So the bullshit, if they’re a woman or a man playing this on the opposite sex, won’t work any more because they’ll just be one tired, old, wrinkly con man or con woman.