I want to take a moment on this Thursday to thank all of you people . . . whatever your names are. I can’t remember!

All kidding aside, that is actually what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about the importance of remembering a name and how to do it, and about the importance of being memorable.

Now I know I’ve talked (and joked) before on the blog about how it’s really not important to remember names (because so many of us are so bad remembering them). If you remember something personal about someone that they’ve shared with you, however, it will actually help you remember them and allows you to more powerfully relate to them.

Then the next time you talk to that person, you can say something like “Oh my God, the last time you saw me you told me about that ice cream store that was so amazing.” Incorporate whatever part of the prior conversation applies.

People want to relate to you personally. They want to feel like you remember them and remember things from when you met because, as I’ve been joking about here recently, most people do not remember things about people they meet.

I believe most men are just walking penises; they speak with their penis and not with their heart. Women speak with their heart and with their soul. This disconnect is a big part of why the sexes battle so much.

Today’s podcast is really going to impact you. It is going to teach you the importance of remembering names but, more importantly, it is going to teach you the importance of remembering a person.

If you remember people, they are also going to remember you. If you become memorable, they become memorable.

If you are memorable, the dividends that you seek in life will begin coming to you nonstop. When you are memorable, you are able to relate to everything in your daily life and all the people around you. You are going to be able to be able to meet all the people you need to meet.

You are never going to wonder when you’re going to meet people, because improving your memory is one of the most important keys to meeting people. If you improve your memory, you are going to be able to walk up to anybody you’ve previously met and blow them away.

You have to stop thinking about instant gratification and just about what happens today. You need to realize that life is like a giant stock market, and you need to invest in yourself today. Invest in your memory, invest in the details and invest in yourself.

Today’s podcast is going to go even deeper into this idea. You are going to learn to remember not only your own name, but also my name, Coach Jacob’s name and the name of my friend Mark from New York City. The reason why you are going to remember, is because we shared something with you.

I have an exercise I’d like all of you to do today. I want you write down and journal your entire day. Remember every detail about it. The reason you run out of conversation is because you spend your time thinking about what to say instead of just absorbing what is said, committing it to memory and reacting to it.

Life is about reacting to another person. If you want to get deep with the opposite sex, you’ve got to learn to react to what they say and how they feel.

Women say this to men all the time, and we hate to hear it. We freak out because we feel like we’re being reprimanded but, in reality, they are just letting us know that we need to learn how to listen.

If you listen and remember details about what someone says to you from the second you meet them, you are going to meet the most amazing people in your life. Click here to listen to today’s podcast where I go a lot deeper into this topic: