I’m going to tell you something that you might not believe, but it is 100% true so pay attention: There is no such thing as rejection!

Rejection is just an insecurity in your own mind. Think about it, rejection doesn’t really exist. It is a made-up thought and a made-up word.

How many of you have had this happen: You go out on one date with someone. You like them, and thought they were the coolest person in the entire world. So you call them after the date, and they never call you back.

Did you you feel totally rejected by this? Did you bring all your friends into the conversation, and ask them what you can do in that situation? Did you spend all kinds of time trying to figure out if the person likes you and whether they will every call you back? When you don’t hear from them, did you spend all kinds of time trying to figure out why they didn’t call?

Whenever anybody asks me any of these kind of questions, I always tell them the same thing. I always say, “Give me their number. I will get on the phone with them right now, and I will find out whether or not they are going to call you (or why they didn’t call you). It will be fun. We’ll call them together, and we’ll find out whether they like you.”

As silly as that sounds, that is actually the only way you will ever really know the answers to all of these questions you spend hours and days mulling over with your friends. Even worse, remember that every day you spend feeling that made-up emotion of rejection, is another day you are wasting not meeting other people.

Always go by the “72 hour rule.” Give someone 72 hours to call you back (or to call you after a date if you’re a woman). 72 hours, and that’s it. That is as long as you give yourself to sit around hoping and waiting for that phone call. Then you go out there and start meeting people again.

The longer you wait in that “rejection zone,” the more opportunities you miss to meet someone else really amazing. So it’s time to get out of the rejection zone, which really doesn’t even exist anyway.

Rejection does not exist. It is a made-up thought and a made-up emotion.

You are not rejected by anybody. People have a choice, just like you have a choice. You have a choice not to call someone back or to go out with someone on a second date. So does everyone else.

It’s all about choices. You have just been completely caught up in the subject of what someone else’s choices are or might be.

So someone else decided they didn’t want to call you. You’ve made the choice not to call someone at times. The shoe is on the other foot in that situation, but if you think about it I bet you did not think about your choice as rejecting the other person. You were just making a choice. Yet when it is the other person making the choice, you feel rejected.

Think about that and how crazy that is. It makes no sense, does it now? So the next time you think you have been rejected, remember what it was like when the shoe was on the other foot.