Adult BabiesIt’s just another quitter Monday. Oh wait, that sounds like the Bangles song “Manic Monday.”

You wouldn’t believe the amount of negative energy that comes into my inbox on a Monday morning. I get nothing but whining. For some reason, people love to send me their misery on a Monday. “Oh I tried the X technique over the weekend and it didn’t work. Then I went and tried to talk to two girls and they both blew me off. This doesn’t work!”

The women are even worse sometimes. They go out and smile at a guy. For whatever reason he won’t react, and I’ll get an email about it. “I smiled at a man and he ignored me. I can’t do this anymore. I’m going to get a manicure or something to make me feel better.”

Monday is whiner day. I’m starting to call it, “Quitter Monday.”

All of you need to vent. All of you need to make yourself feel better on a Monday, so why not torture me with these miserable emails?

Am I being harsh?

No. I’m tired of it. In life, nothing comes to those who quit. End of story. If you’re going to quit, then quit. I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t want to hear why it’s not working. It’s a load of crap, because all the stuff I talk about works. It works for everyone who’s dedicated enough to make it work. It works for everyone that’s thicker skinned than a cigarette paper.

And it works for those who realize you have to try something more than once. Go and start a new job. Try it for just one day and see what happens. Not got the hang of your new role yet? Why don’t you just quit? You don’t quit because if you did you’d be homeless! You’d be living under a bridge with a sign that said…

 “I’m too lazy to try every single day. Life didn’t work from day one so I quit.”

Ask Peyton Manning who’s in his third Super Bowl in 15 years if he quit. In Payton Manning’s first seven years in the NFL, he never made a Superbowl.  In the last eight years, he’s made three of them.  Do you know how many training camps that is? Do you know how many practice sessions that is?

He didn’t quit and he’s made it. Peter Carroll, 61 years old right now. He’s on his third NFL team. That’s right. Three NFL teams: The Jets, the Patriots, and now the Seahawks.  It took him three NFL teams to make the Superbowl. John Foxx, this is the second NFL team that he’s brought to the Superbowl.

Here’s the deal, people: Perseverance pays off in life with everything that you do.

Look at the Seahawks. They’re all in their first Super Bowl. Not one of the players on that roster has been in a Superbowl, but they made it. Did they quit? Or did they work their guts out to get there?

Anything in life takes effort and perserverance. Yet on Monday you complain how awful your life is, or how you’re going to quit this and do something better for you. Maybe you’ll take up masturbation or having a relationship with your cat. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I hope it does. I want to kick you in the ass. If I saw you I’d kick you in the ass so hard you’d feel it all the way through your scrotum, and all the way up to your breasts if you’re a woman.

Yes, that’s a really nasty visual, but plain and simple, I’m tired of the excuses. It’s time to start dedicating yourself to a better life. And those who want to have a better life need to do something every day to achieve that. You don’t achieve success by quitting. Quitters don’t succeed, and if you’re going to quit don’t tell me about it.

In fact, here’s what I’m going to do…

The next person that sends me an email whining about things not working, I’m going to send you $1.99. Then you’re going to go to Target and buy a pacifier. You’re going to buy a pacifier and walk around with it in your mouth. Whenever you feel like whining or complaining, I want you to suck on it till you feel better.

If people ask why you have a pacifier you can tell them. “I’m a baby. I quit and I want a cuddle and someone to tell me it’s going to be alright.”

You want love? You want to date great looking women? You want to live an amazing life?

Then get out there every fu#’ing day and do it!