podcast with david wygantThis is one of the last Podcasts that I actually recorded from a boot camp.

The amazing thing about what I do is that I record almost everything.

You should come and see my hard drives. I’ve got two of them filled with endless audio recordings and videos. Stuff that I’ve never released to the public before.

Today, I decided I’m going to release this one I did at a recent boot camp called Perception vs. Reality.

How many times have you been out where you met a woman and you perceived her that she really was into you?

This was an interesting topic that we talked about before we went out into the field that night. One of my major goals with each attendee is to kill all his perceptions and really ground him into the reality of dating, approaching, and reading signals.

This is one of my favorite topics, and I thought all of you would enjoy it today, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up in about a week. A lot of women right now are lonely, looking for a man, and wanting to meet somebody.  So maybe if you’re a little more dialed into reality, maybe you’ll hook up before Valentine’s Day.

Listen and learn: