Today we have a blog from our old sexy friend The Sultry Brunette. She has discovered the wonders of sex and wanted to share it with all of you.

Hi David, it’s your old friend The Sultry Brunette here. A strange pattern has developed in my love life that I just had to share with you. I’m hoping you might have some words of advice – or at least be able to explain how this could be.

I know I became known on the website for my blog about how I was the world’s leading expert in “faking it” Boy has life changed since then!!

I am a woman who is very comfortable with herself and confident around men – once I know for a fact that a man is attracted to me. In fact, David, I have in recent months gone from the woman who faked all of her orgasms … to the woman who is having quite an active and very enjoyable sex life.

I have been spending time with a man with whom I share an intense chemistry. We went out on a date a long time ago but hooked up again recently after a random text message flirting session. I know he’s very attracted to me (as I am to him), and he does nothing to hide that.

The first night we got together, I had my first ever during-sex orgasm. That was amazing!! I’ve always liked a guy who knows how to kiss, but this guy feels like he just possesses you – and he gets turned on by how turned on I get. Plus everything he does is slow but intense … very hot combination. But of course I wondered if my orgasm might be a fluke…

Once that big milestone occurred, things just started to snowball. He and I have been getting together a few times a week and the sex (and the orgasms) not only have continued to get better and better, but I have found a “wild side” to me that I never knew I had.

We have had sex in virtually every position I know of (and a few that I’d never heard of before). I want him to have better and more intense orgasms every time we’re together – and he says the same about me. So our efforts to achieve this have been very fun!

The third night he and I were together, we were in the middle of having some incredible sex – in fact I think we were on our second or third time and our umteenth position – and all of a sudden I had not one orgasm …. but THREE! It was the way he looked into my eyes and created this very intense moment, and then when the first one happened he just kept our connection so intense from our eyes to every part of our body that the second and third ones seemed to be just released from out of nowhere. Incredible!

I have to admit that I thought women being multi-orgasmic was a myth. Let me tell you … I am a true believer now! I was literally trembling afterwards – and I’ve never seen a man look so proud to have created something 🙂

The next time he and I were together, I not only was able to repeat my triple orgasm, but in fact was able to add one more onto that! Not only that, but that last orgasm was so intense that I literally lost consciousness for about a minute. I didn’t even know where I was when I opened my eyes!

You know what’s so crazy too, is that what seems to trigger the third and fourth orgasms is the fact that we are totally connected during all this hot sex – and right when it’s about to happen he always seems to whisper in my ear how hot the sex is, how turned on he is … and how turned he gets being able to give me all these orgasms. That whisper in my ear just seems to put me over the edge.

Since then, he proposed, and I agreed, to have a threesome with another guy. It was great! And not at all what I thought it would be. It was amazing and hot to be touched by four hands at once, and to feel totally consumed.

I also now know that my ability to be multi-orgasmic is not limited to my chemistry with this one guy either. I loved the sleeping sandwiched between the two of them the most. It was so intense to be totally surrounded by these two guys. Plus, since this was more of a “taking turns” kind of threesome – I loved that it turned my guy on to watch me.

We are still experimenting and exploring … In fact, David, he and I the other night tried each and every one of your “sexiovascular” positions! While I liked the last one the best, I can testify that just as you said in the blog each and every one of those positions will make women cum (or cum multiple times like in my case).

So I’m writing you now not only to let you know that I am no longer needing to “fake it” – EVER – but I’m also writing you about a couple other parts to this story.

I am currently building a new business and so I’ve loved the arrangement I’ve had with this guy – which is that we see each other a few times a week and just enjoy each other’s company 🙂 Because right now I need and want to put virtually all of my time and focus into my business. So, while I obviously want a relationship with someone at some point, right now I just want to be able to enjoy a connection with someone that is deep and fun – but that is not a relationship.

Last Saturday night, I went over to my guy’s house and after kissing me hello he says “You know, I don’t think we should have sex anymore.” I was like “huh?!?!!!!” at first …

I said “Why are you saying that? Are you not feeling attracted to me anymore?” Then he grabbed me, pushed me against the wall, ground against me while giving me this crazy passionate kiss … When we came up for air, he said “What do you think?”

I said – “OK, well if attraction isn’t the issue, why do you think we shouldn’t have sex anymore?” He said “Cause we can’t anymore.”

Then I smiled at him, pushed him away from me and the wall, and took him over to the couch where he immediately pulled me into his lap to hold me. Then I said “Just tell me what’s on your mind, and we’ll figure out what’s going on from there.”

He finally said “You’re a woman. I know how women are — no matter what they eventually want to have a serious relationship with you once you’ve been having sex … and I’ve been happily and intentionally single for 5 years — I don’t want a serious relationship. And I can’t keep my hands off you, so we have to stop having sex.”

I took a small pause – before I started laughing at him. Yes — I laughed.

Then I said “You’re operating under a very erroneous assumption here … that I want to have a serious relationship with you. Let me tell you where I stand on all this. I am very attracted to you. We have been having some of the most amazing and incredible sex I’ve ever had in my life. I’d like continue to enjoy more of that amazing and incredible sex with you — and to see how much more amazing and incredible we can get it to be. But I’m not looking for a relationship right now. I am putting all my energy right now into my new business and I don’t have the time or the interest right now in getting serious with anyone. So … it sounds like we’re on the same page there. If you want keep enjoying each other and our sexual connection together – I would love to continue seeing you. The only question for me is whether you feel that same intense chemistry with me that I do with you … if so, I think we’re good”

He said “Wow, I’m stunned. Most women, even if they want that, are not confident enough to just come out and say it. I’m speechless.” I said “Well, you think about it … but if you’re attracted to me you will let me know right now, and then I’ll know where we stand. You don’t make a move, then I’ll also know. It’s your serve.” Not two seconds later he leaped across the couch and was on top of me kissing me … that was the last word of conversation we had for a couple hours 🙂

Now although I thought his comments were noteworthy – here’s the part I need your help to understand (and hopefully fix!) — I think someone reading this might believe I am a woman who oozes confidence all the time.

Well, as you know about me already David, this isn’t always true. I am extremely confident professionally and, as I mentioned above, I am very confident and open sexually with men I KNOW find me attractive.

What I still cannot do is to smile, flirt, make serious eye contact with or approach men if I don’t know whether or not they find me attractive. So, while I am having all this crazy sex, I can’t approach a guy I find attractive in the coffee house and say hello!

I feel very insecure and nervous to approach (and especially to flirt) with men until I know they have an interest in me. My experience, too, is that men do not seem to show a lot of indication of this in these situations. I feel like if I’m smiling at a man he’s going to think I’m “coming onto him” which if he is not attracted to me will make him feel very uncomfortable.

So David, here’s where I’m asking for your assistance and insight. Does it seem odd to you that I can be so comfortable with men in some situations but so uncomfortable? Any words of advice or explanation?

Thanks! SB