A post on an Internet No-Show By David Wygant

Recently, a woman client of mine met this guy online on a Thursday. He came on all strong, and they set up a date to have drinks that same night. First, before I tell you what happened, let’s give this woman a hand for being spontaneous instead of being conniving and manipulative.

The thing about dating that sucks is that so much time is spent hunting each other down. You meet each other Friday, call on Sunday, get a call back on Wednesday, set up a date for the following week, and by the time the date happens you have no idea why you were attracted to this person in the first place.

So, this woman decided to be spontaneous and have a date that night . . . and it even was her birthday. So they made plans to have drinks at 9:15 p.m. at a local restaurant. The only problem was . . . she showed up and he did not. This behavior is what I call this man being a classless loser. Whether he was drunk and sitting in his house and forgot to go, or whether he was hiding in the bushes outside the restaurant because he wasn’t as attracted to her in person as he was on the internet, there really is no excuse for what he did. There really is no excuse.

If you set up a date, whether you’re attracted to the person when you meet them or not, you act like a functioning adult. You sit down and you have a nice conversation with another human being, because you never know if the woman (or man) sitting across from you that you’re not attracted to might have a friend for you. So the next time you’re not attracted to your internet date, you better realize that by being a pussy and not going through with it, it’s just going to hurt you in the long run.

This has happened to everyone who’s dated on the internet a few times. If you’re somebody that just recently did it to somebody, think about what it felt like when someone did it to you. To all the men and women who pull this kind of shit – grow up! And for people who have had this happen to them, don’t worry about it!! Why would you even want to date someone who is the type of person who would pull a stunt like this?

This man who didn’t show up showed his true colors immediately . . . that he is unreliable, flaky and socially retarded. Imagine bringing this guy home to your Mom and Dad, and he spends the whole night hitting on your sister . . .