RadioThere’s a new radio station I hear broadcasting wherever I go these days. It’s called, “All Negative All Day.” It’s people broadcasting their negative thoughts out into the universe 24 hours a day, and then wondering why they always attract people who hurt them, harm them, or don’t appreciate them.

The reason they keep attracting these people is because they’re so tuned in to “All Negative All Day Radio.” We were walking down the street earlier and it’s a beautiful day. Suddenly we pass these three women. One of them has a look on her face like she’s sucking on a lemon.

Her friend says, “God, what a beautiful day.” Without making any reference to what her friend just said, Ms Lemon face dials in and says, “That guy we just passed reminded me of my ex-boyfriend. I just hate men like that now.”

It was crazy. Her friend is being all positive and putting a nice energy out there. She wants to enlighten the day and attract someone great.

But Ms All Negative All Day decided to do nothing but complain. All Negative All Day is the friend that always manages to bring the conversation back to them. They turn every conversation into a look at how bad their day is, or how much their boss hates them, or how they feel depressed.

They’re constantly bringing people down. They’re always negative no matter what. They’re the people who go out and buy a self-improvement book, try it out for an hour, and then complain it doesn’t work. Their negative mindset sets them up for failure every single time.

When you tune into “All Negative All Day Radio” you’ll go to a job interview, and before you even walk through the door, your negative mindset is already attacking you. “I don’t know why you’re going to this interview. You won’t get it. You’re just wasting your time.” All Negative All Day broadcasts before you go out on a date. “She won’t like you. She’s going to think you’re an idiot.”

And what happens?

All Negative All Day gets it right because he’s so persuasive. It’s a message you play over and over to yourself. It’s the story you’ve told yourself every single day of your life. It’s the voice that won’t allow you to make positive changes in your life because he won’t let you believe change is possible. He wants to hold you back.

When you listen to All Negative All Day Radio, someone could hand you the secret to life success, and you’d still find a way to fail. You won’t believe in it. Your negative mindset totally blinds you to what’s possible. All Negative All Day is the guy who’s 5’6” and thinks women only want tall men.

All Negative All Day is the guy who says he’ll never meet a woman because he’s a poor conversationalist. How you choose to live your life directly reflects the kind of life you have. If you say you can, or you say you can’t, you’re right both times. So if you’re All Negative All Day, change the radio station you keep tuning into or nothing in your life is going to change. Change your beliefs, change your thoughts, and guess what happens?

You become All Positive All Day, and trust me, it’s a much better sounding frequency.