Right now I want you to think about what you eat.

What you drink.

What you snack on.

I want you to look at your body right now, and I want you to give it an honest assessment.

Some people will call it being too critical of ourselves, but just give it an honest assessment. I don’t want you to pick it apart. I don’t want you to say you wish you had smaller thighs, tighter abs, a larger chest or bigger arms if you’re a guy, a rounder butt if you’re a woman…

Whatever it might be, I want you to honestly assess your body.

Don’t think about what you wish you had.

I want you to look at what you have right now.

You got a few extra pounds, I just want you to look at them.

You’ve got a lot of extra pounds, I want you to look at them.

I don’t want you to sit back and go, why am I like the way I am?

I don’t want you to think, well if you worked out more, things would be better.

Because I’m going to tell you why you look exactly the way you do.

It’s because you are what you eat, and you are what you crave.

I’m thin.

I’ve got a six-pack.

Do I do a ton of ab work? Not really. I do a lot of core workouts, but not so much so that I should have a really good six-pack. I know people that do a lot more core workout than I do, and have trouble even maintaining a one-pack.

People will tell me it’s my metabolism. Okay, that’s partly true.

But it’s really because of what I eat.

I’m aware of what I eat.

I don’t give in to processed food and processed sugar cravings.

I don’t walk into Starbucks and look at the frappachino.

Or the double mocha latte with whole milk, and think to myself, yummy.

I look at it and realize that a coffee drink with a little bit of milk shouldn’t be 700 calories. The calories are all coming from fat and sugar.

The two biggest evils of our bodies out there are saturated fats and processed white sugar.

That’s how I look at things.

I don’t give into it. I did a podcast recently on snickers: Snickers not only satisfied you, but it also kills you.

I don’t give in to it.

I’m not a calorie counter at all. I never have been, And I never will be. But I eat smart calories. I don’t go and order a 500 calorie drink, and then eat some chocolate later on that day and get 1,300 calories of pure fat in my body.

I’d rather and have chicken and rice for lunch.

I’d rather have some dark raw chocolate, if I’ve got a sweet tooth.

I eat right, because in reality, the reason why your body looks the way it does is because of one thing:

It’s the foods that you are putting in your body.

When you eat the chips, and then you have the chips again the next day, and the next day, and the next day…

Or you buy bread that’s not sprouted, and you buy bread that’s heavy in GMO wheat flour…

All that stuff is processed crap. It’s just crap that you’re putting in your body.

Just about every single cereal that’s out there on the market that’s not organic is processed crap. Everything that’s in there will turn to sugar in your body. From the sugar that they add to the shitty quality wheat and corn that they’re using, all the carbs that are in there, along with the sugar content, will turn instantly to fat.

There are so many good things to eat, but people don’t know how to educate themselves when it comes to eating the right foods.

They feel like they’re being deprived if they can’t dig in to some M&Ms, and that frozen yogurt at the mall.

Or the ice cream that they need, or think that they need to have. Or the pizza that’s full of really bad processed wheat.

There are healthy alternatives to everything.

It just takes a little time, it takes a little effort, and to tell you the truth, it’s just takes a little more wisdom.

So look at your body now, and look at in a different light.

Take a look at it and ask yourself, if you just ate healthy, would you probably look a lot better?

I’m not talking about adding a more ferocious workout. I’m just talking about changing the way you eat.

Changing the drinks that go in your body. Changing the way you sweeten your coffee, and changing your sweet tooth to more healthy sugars, and you’ll see a complete change in your body almost overnight.