Apple has finally done it. Apple has eliminated the need for human beings to ever actually talk to each other. That’s right. Now, humans never need to engage in genuine conversation, because now we have the ultimate dramatic pause in conversation. Now, humans have the iPhone anticipation bubble. Those of you who have an iPhone know exactly what I’m talking about.

You text someone, and then you excitedly wait as that little anticipation bubble pops up on your screen. If you’ve not seen the anticipation bubble, a little bubble shows up on your screen to show you the other person is typing. You sit there, staring at the little bubble waiting as if you’re having a real conversation!

It’s amazing, and it’s genius when you think what Apple has created. Now you can stare at your screen even longer than you were already. The anticipation bubble is there to tease you into waiting to see what the other person is going to say to you. They’re feverishly typing away answering you, so you can continue this new ultra-stimulating way of communicating.

I didn’t think there could be any new ways to stop us being present in our life. It’s an easy trap to fall into too. I’ve even caught myself staring at the anticipation bubble. I’ll text someone to ask a question, and when I see that bubble, I sit looking at it to wait for their answer. It’s like we get hooked like a dog waiting for a bone.

So what happens?

We stop being present. We wait for that other person to type. They must be about to say something so earth shattering we daren’t miss it. It’s just another example of humans becoming hooked on technology. We’re hooked and it keeps us glued to our phones. What happens while Apple and all the other companies have us glued to our phones?

You Could Miss The Girl Of Your Dreams Walking Right By You!

We miss life. We miss all the amazing opportunities there are to communicate with those around us. Your future girlfriend could have walk right past you. So here’s a little advice for you today. The next time you text someone, put your phone down and don’t pick it up again until it bleeps to tell you a message came in. During the time you’re waiting for a reply, connect with the people around you, because live conversations is what we’re lacking in today’s society. We need real conversations and we need genuine face-to-face time, not digital face time. I want you to ditch your addiction to the iPhone anticipation bubble, and to start talking. You’re not going to stare at your phone anymore waiting for a response. You’re going to wait for it and you’re going to be ok with waiting.

If you don’t, who knows what opportunities you’re missing?

A very clever guy recently made a video that went viral on Youtube, all about our addiction with technology, and how it’s ruining our ability to communicate and connect. I want you to check it out below, and pay attention to the message it’s giving you. It’s extremely powerful, and in some ways very disturbing. Once you’ve watched the video, turn off your computer or your phone, and go and talk to the nearest person to you!