Merry Christmas.

And I’m going to say it with pride, and I’m going to say it again.

Merry Christmas.

None of his politically correct happy holiday crap that I’m so tired of hearing.

Christmas. Whether you believe in Jesus, and whether it’s a religious holiday for you, whatever.

It’s still Christmas. Probably the biggest holiday of the year. Where families get together. Where kids believe in a big man in a red suit and a beard. Where there’s magic in the air.

Where kids anticipate a white Christmas. Christmas is a beautiful thing. But we’ve ruined it with the happy holiday crap.

Why? Because we live in a world of political correctness. God, I don’t really want to offend the Jews by telling a Jewish person Merry Christmas.

Well, I’m Jewish. And if someone wishes me a merry Christmas, I wish them one back. I don’t think to myself, well how did they not know I wasn’t a Jew, and that they should have wished me happy Hannukah.

It’s stupid. We have found a way to take the magic out of something that’s magical. And for those of you who have kids, you totally understand where I’m coming from. Christmas is magic. It’s a beautiful thing.

Decorating the tree.

Watching It’s a Wonderful Life.

Hoping and praying it snows.

Not in LA, because if it snows, it’s usually ashes from a fire.

But don’t ruin it.

So in Christmas day today, I want to wish all of you a merry, merry Christmas.

Enjoy your family, enjoy your friends.

Enjoy the holidays, enjoy the eggnog, enjoy the food.

And laugh at the uptight people who can’t utter the words merry Christmas.

And , think about why you’re doing it. Because you’ve been brainwashed to do it.

Try to un-brainwash yourself and wish everybody a very, very, very Merry Christmas.