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This blog is not just for men today. The same exercises will work for women who want to meet men!

Here’s a great little question after a bootcamp – and this actually felt like a real bootcamp too – 90º, 90% humidity, thunder, lightening and heavy rain as we marched through the streets of NYC meeting all sorts of people along the way.

This is a transcript from an actual conversation that we had on Saturday when Yakub and I were coaching Mike.

Mike has a question. Mike?

Mike: What are some strategies that you use to stay present in the moment?

David: Kub?

Yakub: Alright, one of the things that I do is tell myself, STOP – when your head is thinking way too much, you can pretend you see a stop sign, and just say, STOP – where am I? What do I see? Right now!

David: Another thing that I do is a bit more Zen-like – his method is pretty Zen as well, but I’ll sit there – like when we were laying on the grass. I feel around everything that’s around me. It’s like, oh man, this grass feels so good. I don’t think anything else.

Or if we’re in a store? I don’t think, alright, there’s no chicks in this store, we’ve got to go – I think to myself, alright, I’m just going to enjoy the store. I’m going to enjoy the stuff in the store, I’m going to enjoy the people in the store, and I’m going to listen really carefully. Whenever anybody talks, I’m going to make sure I’m paying full attention.

I’m going to touch things to ground me some more – another great thing to do when your mind starts wandering is to start touching things. Touch, like, breasts, vaginas – no! (Just wanted to see if everyone is paying attention!) But no, just touch things. If you’re in the supermarket, and you start wandering, you’re not really present – then go to the produce section, and start smelling the fruit.

If you’re in a coffee shop, start smelling the aromas of the coffee. If you’re in traffic, start cursing at the person ahead of you! Whatever it is – just ground yourself for that moment. Don’t allow anything else to come in there. Take advantage of that moment.

You’re in the lobby of a hotel, waiting for your buddy to come down because he’s visiting from out of town, and instead of thinking about work and other things, start people watching. Start looking at what’s going on around you. Just focus in on everything that’s around you, so you don’t start wandering.

The minute you start wandering, focus in on something in that room to ground you back. The bunny rabbit over there – anything! Focus in on it. If you feel your mind starting to wander, think to yourself, what did this person say to me last?

Client: One more thing to add to what David just said – he kind of already said it, but things around me remind me of things that I’ve experienced before. Maybe I’ll see a stop sign, or maybe I’ll see a tree, or whatever, and it will trigger a memory.

And there is a story attached to the memory, and all I have to do is stop for half a second and remember that story – and I have all of the emotions of it again, and everything associated with it again.

The whole point about how to be present during a conversation is that you’re distracted by thinking, what if I run out of stuff to talk about? The last word we spoke, the last memory we had – there’s a story attached to it and there’s more to talk about there.

David: Perfect.

Tomorrow I am going to post the perfect summer workout. So every man and woman will be in the shape of their lives!

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See you tomorrow!