If you’re wondering how to manifest a husband out of thin air, then you’re definitely reading the right article.

Now, imagine being able to lay down…


And create this husband out of thin air…

How about if I told you, you can?

How about if I told you that you truly can manifest this husband, boyfriend, whatever it might be, out of thin air? What if I told you that this is a strong possibility for you this year?

How would that make you feel?

Would you feel excited?

Would you feel elated?

Or would you, let’s be honest, feel nothingbecause you don’t believe me?

You don’t believe it’s actually possible to manifest a husband out of thin air.

Let me tell you something:

Not only is it possible, it’s going to happen to you if you follow these steps.

All my coaching clients have a vision board or vision notebook.

So what is a vision board or a vision notebook?

Glad you asked.

A vision notebook is a picture followed by words of all of the things that you’re looking for in a mate.

What I want you to do is I want you to write down exactly what you want in a man. I covered this at length in my Love Blueprint program and my Love Blueprint Seminar. I want you to write down who he is, what he’s about, and how it feels to be around him.

What it feels like to be in his presence.

How he treats you in a relationship, how he shows up.

The words that he uses to make you feel wonderful.

I want you to get creative. How creative? Like you’re writing a romance novel. Because in reality, you are. In reality, you’re actually writing a romance story: your own love story.

Then, what I want you to do is to clip picture out of a magazine of the way he dresses, the way he looks. Does he have a beard, does he not have a beard?

Is his hair salt and pepper, is he bald, does it matter really at all what he physically looks like to you?

Then what I want you to do is read everything you’ve written out three to four times a day.

You want to get super creative, and I want you to record it so you can listen to it before you go to bed. Add some really good meditation music and have your own, well, meditation. The meditation of the future husband that you’re going to manifest. You’ve got a visual of him.

Now you’re subconscious and conscious mind have an image of him.

But guess what happens next? You start dating in a much different way.

He actually starts showing up.

You’ll actually start recognizing him; how so?

Well, when you go out on a date, the wrong man isn’t going to match the right man that you’ve been writing about. So you’ll be able to dismiss the wrong man very, very quickly in your life.

You’ll be able to recognize the right man. You’ll be able to evaluate people because you have your very unique blueprint about what you truly want, what you truly desire, and what truly makes you happy.

That’s how we manifest just about anything in our life. We don’t just talk about it, one thing, we don’t just write it down one, we basically convince our conscious and subconscious minds to be aligned together.

And when those two minds are aligned together, then you will be able to co-create and be able to find that absolutely amazing man in your life.

It really is that simple. Try it.

But don’t just try it like the average person for an hour, don’t just try it once and then give up. I’m talking about trying it for a period of time. Try it for 30 days and 30 nights.

Allow your mind to get super creative, and allow this person to manifest into your life because they definitely will. You’ll thank me for it.