Live for todayHi guys (and gals)

So it’s Memorial Day already!

Can you believe it?

It seems like only last week I was wishing you all a Happy New Year. How’s your year going so far? Have you seen any positive changes? Have you seen improvements in your life where you wanted them? Have you reached any of the goals you set yourself yet, or are you at least on the way to them?

Most importantly, are you enjoying the ride so far?

I know we’ve talked about this before, but time doesn’t stand still for anyone. I still hear people saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll make that change tomorrow. I’ll start my business tomorrow. I’ll go to get that lump on my balls checked out tomorrow.”

Well, sometimes in life, tomorrow doesn’t come. You never know what’s around the corner for you. And before you know it, we’ll be talking about meeting women for Thanks Giving, and starting the Christmas countdown. The message today is short and simple. Life is a gift. Life is a privilege and not something you should take for granted. At the end of your life when you’re lying there in your 90’s, it will be YOU with the pain of regret. It will be YOU wishing you’d have made things happen when you had the chance.

It’s time to stop putting things off until tomorrow. Every minute of the day gives you the chance to start something new. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Whatever it is you want in your life, stop imagining it and start making it happen.

Here’s a challenge for you…

As today is a holiday, I’ll give you the day off but that’s it! Tomorrow you’re going to think about your list of goals and desires, and you’re going to do at least ONE thing toward reaching a goal. If you’re trying to lose weight and get fit, you’re going to throw out all the fatty crap in your cupboards. Or you’re going to walk a mile or two to start moving.

If you’re trying to get over your nerves with women, you’re going to go out and say Hello to one complete stranger. Doesn’t matter if it’s male or female; you’re just going to engage a stranger.

If there’s an old friend you’ve been talking about reconnecting with, you’re going to pick up the phone and call them. Every journey in life starts with one small step. The trouble is too many people don’t take that first step and then wonder why they never get anywhere!

I want you to have an amazing Memorial Day, I want you to rest, relax, and then tomorrow morning I want you to start the stepping, and hit the bricks! Do we have a deal?