live life to the fullOne of my team member’s Grandmothers is 91 years-old. Oh it’s going downhill. There’s a little dementia kicking in, and everything’s slowing down, but that’s just the beauty of getting old. The other day he went to the home where she’s living, and an old lady comes into the elevator with her walker. She looks at him and says, “Getting old sucks.”

It’s funny. I always look at getting old as getting to relive the first couple of years of your life all over again. Pooing your pants, peeing your pants, and you’re dependent on other people because you can’t really move that well.

But the huge difference is that the 90 year old man or woman has memories of how amazing it was to be young. Old people remember how amazing it was to be able to walk around and do whatever they wanted. They remember how great it feels to get in the car and drive somewhere, to be able to get on a place and go visit another country, and to have sex with their hip breaking and needing Viagra!

See when you get old you’re left with memories of being young. When you’re old you’re left with regrets about the things you didn’t do in your life. You don’t want to be the bitter old person with a walker with tennis balls stuck on the end. Even if you’re a happy old person, most admit they’d love to be young again.

At the other end of your life when you’re a baby, you sit there in the corner and your Mother looks at you and says, “Do you need to go to the potty?”

You look at her, shake your head, and poo in your diaper. You don’t care because you don’t know any better. You see what’s interesting about life is, we have the most control over the middle of our life, yet it’s the part we neglect the most. You know better than a baby does. Why the hell are you not enjoying your life to the fullest right now? You can’t cheat the future. Eventually if you’re a man you’re going to wear socks up to your knees, your waist up to your chest, and you’re going to have balls that challenge your socks for a place at your knees!

Eventually your mind is going to disappear. Your body won’t be able to do what it does now. So why are you wasting your life right now? You’ll never get back where you’re at now ever. My question to you today is what kind of memory do you want to create right now? What are you willing to do to break out your comfort zone because your future is as an old person?

Time goes by quickly. Before you know it, you’re going to be that old man or old lady. Before you know it you’re going to be peeing in your pants, or having to ring a little bell every time you want a drink. I want you to think about this seriously today. The next time you see a beautiful woman you’re too afraid to talk to, the next time you put off a business meeting that could lead to something amazing, and the next time you turn down an opportunity to try something new, I want you to think about that old person you’re going to be.

When you’re 90 years old, you won’t be able to walk over and talk to that beautiful young woman. Get your ass in the present moment, and start living your dreams today, before you get too old to do the things you want to do!