You want to know my life’s greatest lesson?

Allow me to paint the picture.

I was 25 years old, I’d been fired from many jobs.

(And we’re talking about the first two years out of college—I was fired for every reason imaginable.)

I remember one time I was fired and my boss told me that I should go to see a shrink because I didn’t make the most of the crappy opportunity he was giving me.

I got fired for having an attitude problem.

Looking back at it, I did have an attitude problem. I hated all the jobs that I had coming out of college.  They were a comedy of errors, and one day I’ll share some of them with you and you’ll all laugh out loud too.  (Or, in today’s technology, you’ll LOL all over the blog.)

But do you want to know my greatest lesson, something that I teach all young entrepreneurs today who want to be successful?

Well, I got fired from this waiting job because I wanted to be a bartender but not a waiter.  So afterwards, I went over to my friend Howie’s house and told him what happened.

Howie sat me down and he looked at me and he said, “David, I know you want to be a bartender and you want to be an actor too, right?”

And he was right. At that time I wanted to be an actor more than anything.

“But unless you become the best waiter and the best at whatever opportunity you have at that moment, you’re never going to be what you want to be in the end.”

See the greatest lesson in life is: no matter what job you have at the moment, if you don’t do or give 110% and kick ass, you’re never going to be what you want to be at the end.

You might be a crappy intern right now for a company.  You may think to yourself that this job or this internship is not everything it’s cracked up to be, so you’ll only give 60%.

You might be at a well-paying desk job that you don’t like—so you give 60%.

Well let me tell you something, life doesn’t reward 60%.

It doesn’t reward 80%.

It doesn’t reward 90%.

And I’m sorry to bust your bubble, but it doesn’t even reward 100% effort.

Life rewards those giving 110%.

You might not be getting paid what you want right now.  The only way to make the money that you desire is to do and give 110%.

Your shitty boss tells you to jump off a bridge today and write about it, you do it 110%.

Success comes to those who give 110%.

That lesson taught me a lot.  Every other crappy job I had from that point forward I gave 110%, because I learned how to give 110%.

It was actually the best training I ever had, because everybody wants to be successful.  Everybody wants to swallow the magic pill, but success only comes to those that give 110%.

Think about when you wake up this morning, what percentage are you going to give and what attitude you have while you’re giving it.