Let’s talk about crap. No, I’m not talking about the crap you leave in the toilet bowl each morning, and I’m not trying to be crude or disgusting. I want to talk about a different kind of crap — your personal crap.

The taxes that are due. Your father with whom you aren’t getting along. The bad fight you had the night before with your roommate. Your boss being mean to you. All of your personal crap.

We all have personal crap, but you need to leave all of that behind when you are out and about each day. The reason is that although everyone has personal crap going on in their life, you don’t want to be exuding that bad energy when you walk around trying to meet people.

You don’t want to say to someone in response to them asking how you are doing, “Crappy. My boss yelled at me today” or “I’m a doctor and I had the worst patient today in my office. I’m miserable. Do you mind if I vent and tell you all about my personal crap?”

When you go out, picture yourself on a giant stage. On that stage are four people you’ve wanted to meet your entire life, and now is the moment you and they are going to get together.

So you want to leave a positive impression of you. You can do that by being positive when you talk to them, of you can talk about your personal crap until you turn them all off.

As a matter of fact, I’ve had some heavy-duty personal crap I’ve been going through in my own life which I could have been venting about to all of you for weeks now. I could have been telling you how annoyed I am about certain things, and how I have to deal with all of it.

Do you guys really want to hear about that? If all I did in the blog every day was talk about my own personal crap, you would get tired of it pretty fast. You want to hear about the great things.

So does everyone else. So leave you personal crap behind.