As all of you know I’m in Maui right now.

Maui’s a big, cool honeymoon marriage destination, families and so forth.

Sure there’s scattered single people all over the place, but this is definitely a place that families go to relax.

When most people go on vacation, they make it about chasing women, chasing people, chasing relationships, and chasing sex.

I’m just about connecting.

I just walk around all day long, swim, have some lunch, sit by the pool, and chat people up.

I want nothing from them at all.

I don’t want sex.  I don’t want a friendship.  I want nothing, but just the opportunity to communicate with another person who’s sharing the same experience as me—the experience of a vacation.

I don’t care if they have got kids or they’re single, or they’re attached.  I’ve had great conversations with some single people.  I’ve had great conversations with some attached folks.  I’ve had fun playing with some of the kids.  It’s all about connecting and being present in the moment.

Every night I go out to dinner.  The last two nights have been a blast.

I met an awesome couple: she worked for United Air Lines; he was a scientist. They live together in Redondo Beach not too far from where I am in LA.

We were talking about his upcoming reunion, airplane travel, the periodic table—everything. I spoke to them for about an hour at the bar while I was eating dinner.  They were great people and a lot of fun to talk to—people that I can hang out with again if I ever run into them again.

It isn’t about getting laid.

I didn’t feel like I had a bad night because I didn’t meet a woman or I didn’t have sex. Most people have that mentality and it makes a good night seem really bad in their eyes.

But it’s really about being present and becoming this great, powerful, strong, attractive person. That’s where a lot of people have it wrong.

A lot of people go and they have pre-determined things that they want.  They feel like the night wasn’t a success if they weren’t able to get a phone number, or make out with someone on the dance floor.

But if your only desire is to make an emotional connection with others—male or female—then you’re more likely to meet that “special someone”.

It’s all about the mindset you have.

Change your mindset, change your results.