Maybe you’ve been watching the stock market spike and dip last week. Last week it hit below 10,800. And as you watched it dwindle down, you thought to yourself, “Can it hit zero? Then I’ll have no return on my investments.” Well its now Saturday night heading into Sunday. Its time to look at your own personal dating life like a stock chart.

Some of you need to think of your dating life as the stock market. Lots of ups, lots of downs. But the real question is, what is your ROI? Let’s talk about your ROI, your return on investment, when it comes down to dating and you.

And I want you to ask yourself right now, what is your ROI? What is your return on the investment that you make while trying to meet someone of the opposite sex? You go out Friday night, you go out Saturday night. I want you to right now write down on a piece of paper how much you spend and where you spend on an average Friday night, on an average Saturday night, going out trying to meet people. Write it down right now.

Now what I want you to do is write down the amount of money you spend on a vacation, and if you take that vacation to places where you try to go and meet people. Miami? Vegas? Cancun? I want you to write that down.

I also want you to write down how much you spend on online dating sites.

Now, add up your expenses, and from every Friday and Saturday night–times that by 52. Take a look at that number right now. How many dates is that yielding you? What is your return on investment?

Are You Undateable?

A client of mine, years ago, I did this formula with him. He was a big time investment banker. He decided he was going to get a house out in the Hamptons for a month. He didn’t even live in New York. He lived in California. He was ready to fly out to the Hamptons, throw some party every weekend, get lots of women over to his place to line up, and maybe one of them would end up moving to California.

Really? I thought that was crazy. But he had a lot of money so I figured, why not let him do it? It’s his money, not mine.

So he did it. And he threw some wild and crazy parties at the Hamptons. He even got written up in the New York Post. A month later, after moving back to LA, I asked him, “What’d you spend on that whole charade?” He said, “I don’t know, about 400,000 including the parties and the house I guess.”

So what was his ROI? He hooked up once, and he got a lot of women that said they wanted to come out to LA and visit.

And a month after that, I asked him how many of the women he met actually visited him. “Well,” he said, “one ended up visiting, but I had to fly her out. We didn’t really get along after a day or two, and it wasn’t really worth it.” He said, “I had a lot of fun, but it was a bad investment. I really believed I would meet somebody that way.”

Here’s the deal: For some reason we’ve been led to believe that we need to spend money to go out there and meet people. That somehow, we can just go out to these places on Friday and Saturday nights, work out beforehand, put on our best outfits, and stand there, drink, spend money, and it’s going to happen. But if you look at that number, and you look at your ROI—you look at the amount of dates you get from that—you’ll realize it’s one of the worst investments you’ve made in your entire life.

My ROI has always been great. I’ve said it a thousand times. Supermarkets, video stores (when they were hot), coffee shops, parks, just walking around every day. Things I do for free anyway, meeting people casually. I was meeting people and not spending not a penny. My stock market, if we had to do the math, was probably at 100,000, levels never hit before. You get my point.

The bottom line is, what is your ROI, and how are you maximizing it? Add it up. Go ahead and share it in the comments section if you want.

You’re going to see that number is really scary. And you’re going to have to start re-thinking things and where you’re investing your time and money in your life.

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