A reader send me this quote the other day.

The guy who said this is quite famous for playing basketball for the Chicago Bulls. He won a few championships and is known to have tried playing for the White Sox as well.

Do I need to say anymore about Michael Jordan.


Read this quote and think about how it can apply to your life in all areas.


Dating And Crunch Time

If I miss a shot, so what? Maybe even a shot that could have won a game.

I can deal with that. If I don’t miss the shot, then I don’t miss it — we win. I can rationalize the fact that there are only two outcomes: You either make it, or you miss it. I could think that way because I knew I had earned the opportunity to take that shot. I had put in all the work, not only in that particular game, but in practice every day. If I missed then it wasn’t meant to be. That simple. It wasn’t because the effort wasn’t there. It wasn’t because I couldn’t make the shot, because I had taken the same shot many times in every situation.

As soon as the ball went up, there weren’t any nerves because I had trained myself for that situation. I was as prepared as I could possibly be for that moment. I couldn’t go back and practice a little harder. I knew I had done the right things to prepare myself for that situation. One way or another, I knew I was prepared to be successful. Now, if you know you haven’t prepared correctly, or you know you haven’t worked hard enough, that’s when other thoughts and emotions creep into your mind.

That’s stress. That’s fear. It’s the same process for doing anything, anywhere in life no matter how big or small the stage. … If you are confident you have done everything possible to prepare yourself, then there is nothing to fear.


Michael Jordan