Yesterday, I walked down the beach past a group of people swimming.

A dad was playing with two of his daughters and then they began walking up the path.

Just past them, sitting alone on the sand, I saw a little fairy princess ball.

I thought to myself, “Man, that’s got to be their ball, and they probably don’t even know where it is.”

It made me think of my daughter, Layla, and how she would feel if she lost her favorite ball at the beach.

Most people would have ignored the ball and they would have kept walking. But I had all these thoughts running through my head—feelings, emotions, and a sense of responsibility, since I’m the only one that seemed to see it.

I picked up that ball; I walked back down the beach, handed the ball to the father and said to him,

“Hey, is this yours?”

“I think so. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome. I have a daughter and I can imagine what it would feel like if she lost her favorite ball, how I’d have to coddle her all night long and try to get her to like someone else.”

(Because if you didn’t know, when a kid loses their favorite thing, it’s like the world is about to come crumbling down all around them.)

He handed the ball to the little girl. She smiles a toothless smile and they walked off.

I felt good, and rightly so. It’s a law: by performing a random act of kindness, a whole flow of positive energy comes rushing towards you. The universe will deliver good, positive energy flow to people who are really good, strong, powerful, and amazing to other people, especially when doing it from the bottom of their heart.

If you want love and good energy to flow into your life, then you’ve got to do good, loving things for people.

You’ve got to really feel each moment. If you can feel each moment, if you can allow yourself to really get into every fiber of each moment, you’re really going to start having easier moments with the opposite sex.

Life is about feelings.

Life is about being present.

Life is a journey.

Once in a while, get outside yourself and do amazing things for other people. See how awesome it feels, and see what comes back into your life.

You’ll be amazed at your life unfolds without you even trying.