Right now, I want you to make a list all your fears.

Fear of approaching, fear of connecting, fear of intimacy, fear of asking your boss for a raise. We all have fears. Today’s video is all about how to overcome your fears.

Today’s video is very powerful, because what happened afterwards kind of freaked me out a little bit. Today’s video was shot in East Hampton over the summer.

I remember when I shot this video because what happened 10 minutes later changed things, or made me think maybe I can forecast the future.

I have a fear of swimming in the ocean. And a fear of what the ocean can do. Literally 10 minutes after making the video I was in the ocean, trying to catch a wave, and I missed it. I got turned upside down, landed on my neck two times, and left the water feeling totally tweaked and jammed up. I could easily have gotten hurt.

Every single day, we’re so afraid of things that can’t hurt us.

We’re afraid to have conversations with people that we need to have conversations with, whether it’s an ex or your girlfriend.

We’re afraid to approach a woman and we create a story about all the bad things that could happen to us if we approach her.

We’re afraid to ask our boss for a raise. We’re afraid to take that chance in business.

We’re afraid to go on a solo vacation. And the list goes on and on. We’re afraid to work out, afraid to lose weight, afraid to change our diet. We’re afraid to confront our mom and dad and whoever else. All our fears are really running our life.

Fears literally run our lives every single day.OvercomeFear

The opposite of fear is love.

Imagine if we go up and talk to everybody and give them lots of love. Imagine if the fear left. The outcome could be far different.

And yet we live fear based lives for a reason. To protect us from the unknown. To protect us from getting hurt. To protect us from blame.

Today’s video is about the ocean. So think about it. We swim in the ocean. There’s more to fear in the ocean than there is in your local Whole Foods or Starbucks. Yet when we see a woman we’re attracted to, we fear. We fear talking to her. What exactly is she going to do? Have you ever been hit with a can of vegetable soup in aisle five at the supermarket because you said hello to somebody?

There are people that swim in the ocean and get bitten by sharks or stung by jelly fish, or even worse, drown.

Why are we so fearful of the community? Why are we so afraid of things we shouldn’t be afraid of?

The big bad wolf, that story from childhood, remember being afraid that he could blow the house down. Where does all this come from? Does it stem from the boogeyman that we feared when we were kids?

Today’s video is about how to overcome your fears. It’s all about the ocean, which is an analogy I think all of you could use to live a fearless life. I know you can, I believe you can, because the only one stopping yourself is you.

Go watch this video now.