master-presenceJames Bond. He’s James Bond for a reason. He’s got presence.

Tom Cruise — when he walks in on a movie, you think to yourself, “that guy’s got fucking presence.”

Watch Saturday Night Fever. Watch John Travolta walk down the street of Brooklyn. That guy has presence.

Justin Bieber — like him or not — that kid’s got presence.

Presence is everything.

Walking into a room and having heads turn is all about having presence. It’s not about what you look like. It’s about the attitude and the energy you’re giving off as you walk into that room.

Having presence means you know exactly what you look like. Part of it comes down to how you dress, because you’re dressing the way you feel the most powerful and the most sexy. So when you feel that way, you’re going to have presence.

When you walk into a room and you feel amazing about yourself, you’re going to have presence. Shoulders back, postured grace, eyes darting around the room, constantly looking for the next conversation that’s going to come in your direction, constantly looking for the next connection.

If you’re with somebody, you have complete and total presence with them. You’re having a great conversation with them. You’re being connected with them. Presence is everything, so how does a man go about and have presence?

Well, to me, it’s really simple. You think that you’re the leading man in a movie. You literally think to yourself that this is a movie being filmed right now and you’re the super star.

You’re Brad Pitt.

You’re Justin Bieber on stage.

You’re Tom Cruise walking.

You’re Daniel Craig being James Bond.

You have presence. You walk into that room, and you feel it. You slow things down.

The camera is shooting, but you’re not rushing to do anything at all because, if you’re rushing, the camera’s going to miss you. So you do things slow. You take every moment as it is. You take it nice and slow, and you just have presence.

How do you work on it? You watch James Bond movies. You watch Tom Cruise. You watch how slowly and deliberately they do things, and by doing that, you have the opportunity to then go and create that for yourself.

People want that. People notice that. You’re the fucking star of your own movie. And then other people are just B roles. They’re extras. And you’re just looking for your leading lady. You’re looking for your partner in crime, whatever it might be. Presence.