You’ve got to look at yourself as a professional athlete.

What does a professional athlete do before the game?

He says, “We’ve got 60 minutes to play ball.  We’re going to do the best that we possibly can do.”

My favorite thing in the world is when you see a quarterback fade back to pass.

Can you imagine this scene?

Tom Brady fades back to pass.  He throws an incomplete pass.  The crowd boos.  They’re all angry, he’s had a bad first quarter.

He goes back to the huddle and he looks at all the guys and says, “I’m so in my head right now, I don’t know what to do.  I don’t want to go back to the game right now, I am so in my head.  What do I do?”

All of a sudden, the ref blows the whistle.  The play clock has expired.  Five-yard penalty for delay of game.

He goes back to the huddle and he says,  “I can’t believe you didn’t catch that the last time, this is ridiculous.  I threw you the pass and it came off your fingers.  Everybody was watching it.  Now, they’re all booing us.  They’re all watching right now.”

The whistle blows again.  Delay of game.  They’ve now lost 10 yards.

Brady goes back to the huddle one more time and he says to his guys he goes, “I can’t believe it! That was the perfect play, that was the perfect pass, there’s not going to be another one like that again…”

Delay of game.  10 yards.

Can you imagine if life worked that way?

So why does it seem that way when you go out to meet women?

Why do you approach women and then beat yourself up if you weren’t successful that one time?

You start beating yourself up all day long over one woman.  (Who, by the way, had bad breath, smelly armpits, and a yeast-infected vagina.  You didn’t know that yet because you didn’t have a conversation with her or she would’ve told you.)

Here’s the deal: it’s just one time.  Act like it’s one throw.  Act like it’s one free-throw or one hit of the bat.

If you didn’t get her number, that’s it.  Forget about it instantly.  It’s done. Walk away!

Ask yourself what you could have done better in that situation.  Answer yourself and then move to the next play.

You’ve got 45 seconds. The clock is ticking.  If you take any longer than 45 seconds then you’re not ready for prime time.

You’ve got 45 seconds to break it down.  Break it down and get back into the huddle with yourself and go do it again.

That’s exactly what I do.

Are you ready to become the quarterback of your life?

Do you want to learn how to finally let go of all the nerves and self-pity and monkey chatter?