You know what I find really funny? I live on the beach, and every morning when I take Daphne for a walk there is a giant tractor-looking thing combing the sand to make it look flat and pretty.

Why? Why does it matter? California is broke, and this is on what it spends its money? I actually kind of like the footprints on the beach. It sort of makes it look like the moon at night.

Back when I was single and dating multiple women, I probably would have told that story three or four times in a week. Can you start to guess what I’m going to talk about in today’s podcast?

Yes, in today’s podcast I am going to talk about multiplicity. No, not multiple orgasms…but about dating multiple people.

I am going to talk about dating multiple people in a way you probably aren’t expecting. I am going to tell you not only how to manage dating multiple people, but why you should be doing that.

I am going to talk about why dating multiple people is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself and what you really want, and why it is the way you will end up dating the kind of people you have most been wanting to date.

This will be a really eye-opening podcast for many of you . . . and will change the way you think about (and the reasons you want to) date multiple people. Enjoy!

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