I can’t get over the blog from the other day.

What are we up to? A couple hundred comments at this point right now.

But, I’m reading each comment and I’m starting to read between the lines.

I’m starting to feel that a lot of you are not very open.

Let’s be honest today.

All  you white people who post on the blog, how many of you would date a black person?

All the Asian people on the blog, well I already know you. All Asian men want a blonde American woman. But how many of the rest of you would date outside your nationality?

Let’s talk about this.

I think this is a really valid topic that we never really talk about: dating outside of our cultural, religious, and political community.

How many of you red state people would date a blue state person?

If you’re an Obama supporter, would you date someone who voted for Mitt Romney?

How about religion? Would you date outside of your religion?  Or are you too caught up in that religion that you have? You know, that brain-washing religion that doesn’t allow you to enjoy certain things.

Oops, I was giving my religious beliefs there.

How many of you are really open?

Let’s dive into this today. I love the debate from the other day, but can we put that to rest for now. I liked how honest you guys were in that last blog. I like the passion that I saw.  So let’s bring that passion to this topic.