How Mommy Gets Her Groove Back
By David Wygant

I get asked all the time by moms “How do I get the heat back in my life? How do I start feeling good again?”

Here are five quick tips so all you mommies can be like Stella and get your groove back:

1. I know you are a mom. I know you may have kids who are constantly flicking things at you and running their gooey hands through your hair. I know you may be walking around disheveled and sweaty because little Johnny has a new pair of legs and you have been in chase mode. Even though all of this may be going on, you need to take one night a week to dress up in your sexiest outfit and go out on the town with your husband. That’s going to remind you that apart form being a mommy, you’re still a beautiful sexy woman.

2. Take a break during the day either when the kids are in school or you don’t have to work, and just take ten minutes of personal time. Even if it’s a quick bubble bath or just a ten minute conversation with a friend. Whatever it is, take a few of these breaks a day. It will do wonders for your attitude and your energy.

3. Even though kids are constantly around you, take the time to start wearing clothes that make you feel sexy. Don’t just save your favorite pair of jeans for your night out. Wear them . . . even for running errands. Wearing things that make you feel sexy – even when the kids are around – will remind you of the sexy woman you are.

4. No matter how tiring it is running a family, keep an eye on your posture. Walk straight with your shoulders back. Start strutting again . . . even though you’re in the aisles of Wal*Mart buying 72 rolls of Charmine. It’s a powerful thing to feel good about yourself every day. Little things like posture will really help.

5. Create your own piggy bank. Every day throw the spare change that you get into “Mommy’s Piggy Bank.” Don’t spend the change throughout the course of the day. If something costs $2.31, don’t reach into your purse for two dollar bills and 31 cents in change. Give the clerk $3.00 and put the change at the end of the day into “Mommy Piggy Bank.” Then at the end of the month, take all the change and buy yourself something something special. Get a massage. Buy yourself some body butter. Some months there will be more, and some there will be less. The important thing is that “Mommy’s Piggy Bank” will allow Mommy to spoil herself once a month with an extra treat.

All of the above tips will help mommy be like Stella and get her groove back.