I love doing what I do.

A big reason why is because I can share all the mistakes I’ve made over my lifetime so you don’t have to make the same ones.

And I’ve made many mistakes.

I’ve run into women that I thought were amazing and couldn’t ask them out due to my own fears.

I’ve stood in bars all night long in my head standing there like a lump of coal and by the time I finally approached had them walk away instantly.

Approach anxiety I owned.

The fear of asking for a number—that was my middle name.

I made all the mistakes you guys are making.

I totally understand where you are.

Let me share with you today my defining life moment when it came down to meeting women:

I woke up one morning and decided just to do it.

I was so tired of seeing beautiful women all over the streets of New York City and not having the balls to approach them. So, I challenged myself. I literally said to myself:

The first good-looking girl that I see today I’m going to go over there and talk to her.

I walked down the street. I was living on 80th and Amsterdam at the time.

Coming towards me out of the bagel shop was a beautiful, tall, blonde woman.

I immediately fumbled for words to say. I started thinking to myself:

I need to be funny.  

I need to be amusing.  

I need to say something clever.  

Then I thought:

Screw it. I’m just going to say what I see.  

I looked at her bag of bagels and I walked right up to her and I said, “It’s my birthday today. What bagel do you have for me?”

She asked, “Do you want poppy or sesame?”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. My lip was shaking. My legs were quivering. I felt red in my face.

I said “No, no I’m going to go get some bagels, I don’t need one of yours.”

“Let me make you one.”

(!) What, it’s working, okay, let’s go further…

“Great. Do you have cream cheese?”


And she made me a bagel with cream cheese right on the streets of New York. I felt great, but I realized my job was not done.

I thanked her for the bagel, and then told her to give me her number.

We actually went out for a couple of months after that.

That was my defining moment. You have to eventually ask them out and not care what the outcome is.

I’ve made so many mistakes and I share every single one of them in my Men’s Mastery Series.

You can learn from all my mistakes so you don’t have to do it.

Not only can you learn from my mistakes, but you can learn to do everything that I do.

All you’ve got to do is listen and learn from all my mistakes.

It’s that simple.

I share every one of them with you guys and how I finally overcame my own fears. It’s all in an easy system I created to teach men how to meet women anywhere.


Have a great Labor Day everybody.