In life, we share a lot of public space, from restrooms to tables at cafes to public transit systems.

There are so many situations in which we’re around other people:

From elevator rides, to standing with somebody on the street—just so many ways that we need to be aware of other people around us.

So how many of you are really considerate?

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you’re walking down the street, and somebody just has to blow past you, and they don’t say ‘excuse me’ at all.

Or you’re walking down the street, they’re walking directly toward you, and they think that it’s up to you to move out of their way. They’ll walk directly toward you without wavering.

(And I’ll do this a lot when in New York City. I’ll just keep walking and walking, and I think to myself, “Are they playing human body chicken with me? Are you kidding me? We’re five feet away and they haven’t moved at all. All right, I’m going for it right now. I’m going to just keep walking and see what happens.”)

And I literally will.  I’ll collide with them, and I’ll look at them and I’ll say to them, “Are you serious?”

People, in general, are really inconsiderate.  A lot of people believe that they’re the only person in the world and the world revolves around them and the world revolves around their actions and other people need to be aware of them.

How many times have you gone into a public restroom, and you’ve gone to every single stall, and there’s urine on every single toilet seat?  It’s repulsive.  Do you think these people actually pee all over the seats in their own home?

Or, somebody gets up from lunch at a cafe and they leave their garbage there for somebody else to clean after them.

How considerate of a person are you? Manners is everything in life.

And some people just aren’t considerate.  Some people act like they’re the only person in the world and everybody else should move out of their way, clean up after them, and sit in their urine in the bathroom.

. . .

Let’s talk about this today: a little bit about inconsiderate people and maybe how we can make the world a little more considerate.